Contact Form 7

In an attempt to do something constructive after struggling for two days with bloody picture plug-ins, I have followed the advice of my Word-press buddy Kristina and installed the Contact Form 7 plug-in. It resides for the moment on my Contact page. (See the link above the page banner.)

Nice when things work (and have very clear installation instructions).

And now I’ve splashed out $17 via PayPal for an instruction manual.

3 thoughts on “Contact Form 7”

  1. Hello there

    Sorry to read about your struggles. I’ve also had a lot of troubles with picture plug-ins and tried a few.

    An advice: if they don’t work after 10 minutes struggle, then just bin them and try the next one.

    Glad you liked contact form 7, it turns up in almost all lists of useful plug-ins.

  2. YES!!

    There are so many, don’t struggle with the ones that don’t work.

    Mind you, Nextgen Gallery is supposed to be so very good. That doesn’t mean I am happy with everything it does…

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