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Agathokakological: Composed of both good and evil, (nonce word)

Good/Bad day/night (strike that which doesn’t apply). Here comes the Agathokakological Round-up from @TheSupercargo tweeting as @TSupercargo

Today’s word did not at first look very promising, but it seems to have inspired the Artwiculati. I certainly found plenty to like: After voting (7 hours left to tweet) I found I’d collected no less than 73 tweets & my shortlist ran to 38

I think I detected several patterns in today’s responses. Definitions were definitley popular, as were articulate Artwiculate references. But, not surprisingly perhaps, existential philosophy and literary references also abounded. Agatha Christie was prominant:

RT @nedmw Few people know Agatha Christie’s maiden name was Agatha Kakological #Agathokakological

And @JohnnyMacOne managed a portmanteau reference. Viz:

RT @JohnnyMacOne So Sherlock, you reckon it was a famous crime writer that did it? Agathokakological, my dear Watson #artwiculate

I wonder how many people picked up on the literary (well, literary-comic) reference in the next tweet …

RT @Eridanus Agathokakological ovum: The Curate’s Egg

Ah, who am I kidding? The minds of the Artwiculati teem with esoteric knowledge (and the rest of us checked it on Wikipedia).

Not really surprising were the number of Jekil and Hyde references. I thought this the most lexicological:

RT @asim7asim Agathokakological? Jekilhydentical! #artwiculate

But there were a surprising (to me) number of tweets picking up on “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. I can only assume it is better known in the States than elsewhere. I choose the following for being the most convoluted.

RT @twilobite22 According to Berendt there is an agathokakological garden in Savannah. Midnight is the time to go.

Ultimately, though, if we are talking about good and evil in literature (and theology) I guess we’re bound to end up back in the Bible.

RT @cyberbonn Eve ate from the apple from the agathokakological Tree of Knowledge and the rest is history. #artwiculate

@marcosarroyos’s donkey had a comment on the same subject which I won’t RT as I want to use another of his tweets – but look it up!

Today’s WOTD did not inspire many poems (that I liked), but this from @ItzQuauhtli gets my rhyming achievement award.

RT @ItzQuauhtli #Poets are Agathokakological, like liars pathological. Not to sound eschatological, but #Poems bleed sociological.

Otherwise (and here comes Marco’s tweet) today’s WOTD was a bit of a haiku killer:

RT @marcosarroyos With 8 agathokakological syllables those devils at @Artwiculate just eliminated all haiku! Pleases some, angers others.

To which @TiddK replied:

RT @TiddK I fall in love ~ agathokakological ~ I fall out of love . #haiku #YES #CountTheSyllables 17! #artwiculate

It’s all in the definition of “Haiku” – and anyone in doubt can take a look at Tid’s homepage: How many syllables should be in a haiku?

To move over to the existential …

RT @Bnighted Men are born with the aspirations of angels and the instincts of beasts. Aren’t we all naturally agathokakological indeed?

RT @ruidh Agathokakological is a fancy way of saying human like you and me. #artwiculate

RT @pn8r All people are agathokakological, but some people are more agathokakological than others. #twolegsgoodtwolegsbad

RT @Gardencomet I’m agathokakological – when I’m good I’m very very good but when I’m bad I’m better

Which (for some reason) seems to pair nicely with …

RT @MaxRaunchiness Was it as agathokakological for you as it was for me, my lovely?

So now, here come the tweets I define as articulate Artwiculates – I mean they reference the game and/or preious WOTDs.

RT @DarkHaikuMoon Agathokakological – very artwiculate

RT @harrarp It’s only logical that Aunt Agatha and her parrot Kako would one day be featured in Artwiculate. Word up: agathokakological!

RT @k4thybrown Nice cop, nasty cop: eponymously agathokakological policing. #artwiculate

RT @pietroartw The agathokakological riddle: What is self-homological and yet self-antonymical? #artwiculate

(I think we had homological, didn’t we?)

RT @lagadu123 Agathokakological: Word of the Dichotomy

RT @mazpowles Hey agathokakological! Who are you calling a nonce?

(It’s a nonce word, you see.) There’s one more from this section, but I’m going to save it for the end. You’ll see 🙂

Aunt Agatha appeared in several of today’s tweets (including 50% of my own efforts for the day). This one plays nicely with an idiom:

RT @ajeanne Dear Agatha, Please bring your good self to the wedding. #agathokakological

Here come a couple of what I define as comic illustrations:

RT @ten_ten_ten “The electron’s position is indeterminate and its morality is agathokakological,” said Heisenberg grimly. “It’s shocking.”

RT @kado56 Tried out the new Agathokakological playground today – it’s all swings and roundabouts.

And now for the definitions:

RT @ariandalen Agathokakological: it’s a balancing act. #artwiculate

RT @beezknez Agathokakological ~ something crooked with a logical ending #artwicualte

RT @silverne Agathokakological : Heavy erection under a cassock. #artwiculate

RT @FlaviaHeloisa agathokakological is dadaist poetry!

To which my best response is YES!

RT @lomnoir Agathokakological people are hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic.

And that would be YES! YES! 🙂

But finally to close I give you this tweet from @tinanguyen.

RT @tinanguyen You say agathokakological; I say agroof. #sixwords #artwiculate

Right on, Tina!

Greetings to (relatively new) players @Bnighted @pietroartw

Hi to occasional players @k4thybrown @FlaviaHeloisa & @ruidh

And a tip of the hat to @cyberbonn & @ItzQuauhtli who’ve been playing for a while but have, I think, managed so far to keep out of the morass that is the RT Round-up.

Thanks for your attention. Hope you enjoyed the round-up. This is @TSupercargo bowing off the stage. Till next time!

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