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This is my Twitter home page:

It’s nearly a year since I first started using Twitter. When I began, I wasn’t at all sure what it was for, but, especially since discovering the daily word-game Artwiculate, I’ve made much use of it and “met” a deal of really interesting people.

Since the beginning of April, I’ve been making extensive use of Twitter’s search functions. In particular, the search box on twitter’s front page, but also the Advanced search function at

The last couple of days, searching has become more difficult. I don’t know if it’s because Twitter has been over capacity (and I’ve certainly seen more of the “Fail Whale” recently), but I think it may also have to do with changes Twitter is introducing to try to start making money out of their service.

Yesterday evening, I found two different and new-to-me pages. I took theĀ  screenshots reproduced below. In one case I’m getting a return which tells me my search is Forbidden, in the other, I’m getting an advert which has (so far as I can see) nothing at all to do with my search term.

I wonder if anyone else has found similar pages? (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.)

All a-twitter - The Twitter fail whale
The Twitter fail whale

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3 thoughts on “All a-Twitter”

  1. I’m familiar with the new “promoted” tweets (‘though the one I’d run across, a while back, was a charitable one). My understanding is that, even though promoted, they must pass some sort of acceptability-test w/in the twitter community (# of RT’s/favoritings, perhaps?) in order to keep their promo status?

    I also saw some “top tweets” (I think that’s what they said?) come up at the top three tweets in a search, the other day. I got the impression that those were most-highly-RT’d tweets for that search-word/topic, perhaps.

    But I haven’t come across the “forbidden” thing …unless the screen-shot’s just different? I do seem to recall that I’ve gotten some pop-up boxes (I think they were asking for signins?) when hovering over the names of a few tweeps, though I rather got the impression they might be private accts, or something.


  2. PS I also had some search issues (was wondering the same thing – whether it may be capacity-related), where things I knew were tweeted very recently weren’t showing up at all.

    • Thanks for your comments, tWordBird. From my side, the court’s still out on whether the “Forbidden” thing is really an over-capacity issue. I’ve done a couple of searches on Google, but not turned up anything yet from the Twitter watchers that corresponds.

      As far as the “promoted tweet” ad goes, I still don’t get why it came up as a result with the search I was making. I can’t see ANYTHING that links it to TiddK’s tweet.

      The other major change I’ve noticed is that where before (up till 4 days ago at the time of writing), a simple Twitter search on an Artwiculate tweet, using the searchbox in the right-hand column, would return the original tweet and all the “manual” RTs, now it returns only the original tweet. And that, only if I’m lucky. Otherwise I get “Forbidden” or the original tweet + an ad.

      I can use Twitter search from here ( and still get all the manual RTs, so something’s changed. But again, I’ve not seen any discussions about it. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?

      Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and taking the time.


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