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Greetings, Artwiculati. With 2 hours left, here comes another amalgam of RTs rounded-up by @TheSupercargo’s doppelganger.

Todays WOTD attracted a goodly collection of poems – some of them (in my humble opinion) very good indeed.

It was in particular the likeness in colour to silver and the associations with mercury that seemed to inspire you.

@Elixir_V saw starlight and snow

RT @Elixir_V Frozen starlight/ Falling on snow/ A silver amalgam #haiku

@honeygloom saw the morning pierced

RT @honeygloom Morning amalgam / lead stretched across quick silver / pierced with gold lancets #haiku #artwiculate

@beezknez saw the moon embraced

RT @beezknez The moon ~ in amalgam slip of silver ~ shines shy ~ embraced by his darkness ~ the night #artwiculate

And @DarkHaikuMoon saw a band between heaven and earth

RT @DarkHaikuMoon Amalgam between ~ heaven and earth ~ a sliver band ~ the fire of mercury ~ reflected

There were also some interesting thoughts on the subject of amalgamation. Some more serious than others:

@cyberhaikutoday – perhaps thinking of yesterday’s WOTD – looked to the End of it All

RT @cyberhaikutoday
at the end / of life’s road / an amalgam of memories / to pillow / your head #amalgam #memories #gogyohka #micropoetry

@TiddK gave us a meditation on what it is to be human

RT @TiddK A human being: an amalgam of water, carbon, iron, copper, phosphorous, genius and love . #artwiculate

@faelora shared an ancronym

RT @faelora LIFE is an acronymous amalgam of Love, Incomprehensibility, Foolishness, and Exhilaration. #artwiculate

@Charm47 considered her family

RT @Charm47 / We are together / by fate / and by choice / this amalgam / my family / #gogyohka #artwiculate
[And with this tweet, @Charm47 took the Artwiculate crown of the day!]

And @Aphrodite44 had a perspective on thoughts

RT @Aphrodite44 Amalgam of thoughts // vying for my attention // sign says: Out to Lunch #haiku #artwiculate ‘amalgam’

And with that we move away from the more somber end of the spectrum 🙂

For some reason, the association of the WOTD and TEETH tended to bring out the comic in us

Not so much in @tama001’s seasonally relevant tweet

RT @tama001 in the pumpkins firelight / Trick or Treat ! / mouth-filling, candy amalgam . #lqw #artwiculate

But @Squawkingalah had another story about her Dad

RT @Squawkingalah Dad eschewed the amalgam and had them all out but this did make it harder to chew.

@minibtweet shared a touching tale

RT @minibtweet Mr Amalgam restored a bond of friendship with Miss Cavity #Artwiculate

Though @Wifsie had another story about Mr A

RT @Wifsie Mr. Amalgam’s sweet tooth is not easily filled. #artwiculate

@rasmusviking shared a small nightmare. (I like the ABBA rhyme there too Erik – deliberate?)

RT @rasmusviking @artwiculate Broke my tooth on a plate / And swallowed a filling / Dentist bill will be chilling / Amalgam I ate.

And @chemingineer very explicitly reached back to yesterday’s WOTD

RT @chemingineer In consenescence teeth need the support of amalgam. #artwiculate

AmalgamATE had its own set of admirers. Three I particularly enjoyed:

First @19ish’s horror haiku and @loqwatious contribution

RT @19ish Dined with Mercury / She’s gone! Amalgam-ater! / A harrowing meal! #lqw #haiku #artwiculate #horrorhaiku

Then @mazpowles short statement

RT @mazpowles Amalgam-ate whatever was in the fridge.

And last another report from @marcosarroyos’s very own Texas

RT @marcosarroyos The Amalgam 8 Cineplex always had a strange lineup.

@dmriver Shared a hope. (Thinking of mercury poisoned fish, maybe?)
[Exactly so, he says.]

RT @dmriver If dreams are an amalgam, let’s hope wishes ain’t fishes.

And @FrankSiddarta found a nice almost-anagram

RT @FrankSiddarta Malagram – an amalgam of poisonous words

@helacious reported on a new musical genre

RT @helacious Hortense’s band had gone beyond fusion into the realm of amalgam – an astonishing admixture of rock, jazz, and calliope music.

(And once again I thought Hilary @helacious had a particularly fruitful day. Do check out some of her other tweets!)

@hkfeaga went to the tomayto/tomarto barrel

RT @hkfeaga You say assemblage, I say amalgam. #sixwords

@ariandalen promoted another Mistress

RT @ariandalen Ah, Mistress Amalgam: she’ll be the perfect blend of what you desire and what you need. #artwiculate

And @I2Haiku promoted another Little Miss Doll

RT @I2Haiku The Little Miss Amalgam Doll comes with its own patchwork quilt. #Artwiculate

@eilonwya10 Reported (possibly from Hogwarts)

RT @eilonwya10 With mercury in retrograde, her mixtures turned to mucks; though her practices were hermetic, her skill at amalgam sucks. #artwiculate

@Tralala56 was with Magritte on That Train again

RT @Tralala56 As the train arrived in Amalgam, the two rails into the station converged into one.

And finally … @harrarp

RT @harrarp I amalgam. But aren’t we all?

Aren’t we all, indeed, Harry. I know I am! 🙂

And that’s the story, morning glory!

Greetings to game newcomers @cyberhaikutoday and @rasmusviking and to @Aphrodite44 who’s just started playing again after a long absence.

Handing back to @TheSupercargo now.

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