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Ameliorate : To make or become better; to improve; to heal; to solve a problem

Today @artwiculate gave us a way to ameliorate our lives, and many of us took the chance, some more successfully, perhaps, than others.

Our doyenne (dare I call her that?) @SJHatzi Had some suggestions about how to play the game:

RT @SJHatzi How to ameliorate Artwiculate? Play. W/ joyful abandon! W/ camaraderie & goodwill! W/ charm & good-natured mischief! Allons-y!

(@SJHatzi I mean “doyenne” only in the sense “most respected, prominent woman” and not in any other!!)

On the other hand, @hollyrocket exhibited a reaction to the game I recognise from personal experience.

RT @hollyrocket i just told a client i would attempt to ameliorate the situation. this is not part of the game. my life is absorbing the game. help me.

Hope you’re feeling better soon @hollyrocket!

Speaking personally, I spent far too long today trying to make a limerick that used both the @Artwiculate & the @Loqwacious WOTDs.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think Twitter’s 140 characters make limericks difficult to craft, so I’m always impressed when someone pulls off a good one. Viz:

RT @simonnix There once was a taciturn Vicar Who had quite a problem w/liquor. He drank at a rate To ameliorate But his heart & his mind were the sicker.

But the WOTD seemed also to lend itself to love poetry. For example:

RT @I2Haiku With you / the day is brighter / everything seems / more beautiful / you ameliorate my life #artwiculate #gogyohka

RT @ChayaChaya You ameliorate my darkness each time you smile. You create Light inside my broken nerves, performing Magic

RT @Ysabeluna \you ameliorate life’s mediocrity \& my sanity \with your smile \loving sighs \& the longing desire in your eyes\ #artwiculate #gogyohka

As ever the WOTD left some of us (I mean me) struggling, yet inspired others. One of today’s more prolific Artwicutweeters was @MaltaGoddess

@MaltaGoddess gave us a whole range of “How to …” tweets. I liked several, but choose to RT this:

RT @MaltaGoddess How to ameliorate my morning: don’t talk to me. But, yes, you can do that other thing.

Another who seemed to take flight was @marcosarroyos I think I voted for 4 or 5 of Marcos’s today. Here’s my favourite:

RT @marcosarroyos Don’t berate, ameliorate

And still in the realm of short and sweet, it’s a pleasure to see @emmaexpress playing again. *waves*

RT @emmaexpress Irate, ameliorate, placate.

@Ameeee shared a thought

RT @Ameeee To ameliorate at the risk of friendship is love.

As did @Wifsie

RT @Wifsie Love is not love which ameliorate -s when it low ratings finds. #sorryshakespeare

@helacious was having a bad day

RT @helacious Rain, regret, remonstration. I fear nothing will ameliorate this day!

While @osmarjardim was just brimming over with … erm … @osmarjardim

RT @osmarjardim I am pure good handsome and perfect. Not even my weak point, my modesty, can be ameliorate-d.

A condition he seemed to share with @rascality

RT @rascality In a contest of wits from 1 to 10, I think Ameliorate an 8. #artwiculate

Now, let’s welcome back Magnificent Madge …

RT @Tralala56 Magnificent Madge was constantly trying to ameliorate her knife-throwing art. Alas, it didn’t make her very approachable as a person.

… before considering the effect today WOTD had on the bar:

RT @ariandalen Ameliorate walked into the bar, and even the house liquor tasted top shelf. #artwiculate

Once again I avoided chosing @TiddK’s poignant tweet (though I did vote for it – enjoying hugs as much as the next doppelganger) and instead plumped for:

RT @TiddK An unripe fruit Amelia ate / A shiny purple plum / But nothing could ameliorate / The pain in Milly’s tum . #artwiculate

Nothing Tidd? not even …

RT @FlaviaHeloisa Ameliorate tonic heals cough, malaise, stuck nail, cancer, misanthropy, dysentery, depression, baldness, cardiopathy, and lack of love.

I hope, at least, Tidd’s Amelia found herself cared for by @bookdreamer’s nurses.

RT @bookdreamer Collective health nouns: a death of doctors; an expense of hospitals; an ameliorate of nurses. #artwiculate

I liked @pn8r’s geek poem (and now I know what a Fresnel lense is too – thanks, Paul 🙂 )

RT @pn8r You’re the dew shield to my telescope, the Fresnel lens to my lighthouse; you ameliorate me like no other. #geeklove

And since we’re in the realm of science (kind of):

RT @twilobite22 How does one ameliorate an amoeba? Cell to cell resuscitation. (But I’d check with @lawyergirl3 on possible liability first)

@mazpowles shared a sad story:

RT @mazpowles They named their daughter Ameliorate. But they still split up when she was 3 months old.

I wonder if poor little Ameliorate ended up at @TOCSY1’s Ameliorate College:

RT @TOCSY1 Ameliorate College, despite the fancy trappings, was really a reform school.

Let’s end on a big, planet crushing note, shall we?

RT @19ish Look! A giant ameliorate is falling from the sky! It will obliterate Earth! And just HOW does that make things better? #artwiculate

Love it @19ish!

OK, that’s me done. It just remains to greet @FlaviaHeloisa and @ChayaChaya who are I think are new to the round-up, and @TOCSY1 who is new to Artwiculate (no profile page yet).

Cheerio from me. Now I shall pass through the mirror and turn back into … @TheSupercargo!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at )

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