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Anguine : Pertaining to, or or similar to snakes or serpents; snakelike

Greetings, Artwiculati! And welcome to an RT round-up brought to you by the left fork of @TheSupercargo’s cleft tongue.

You think that was convoluted? Have you not read today’s twisted tweets, serpentine stories, worm-eaten tales or writhing words?

Given what I take to be a predominance of Artwiculati from the Judaeo-Christian tradition, we had a number of Biblical references today.

I’ve boiled them down to two. Viz:

RT @helacious Eve took heed of her anguine advisor/And skulked out of Eden sadder but wiser.

RT @harrarp Holy Moses! My rod has turned anguine again!

Loved them both, but perhaps especially @harrarp’s because it got us away from the Garden.

The other motif that came up very frequently today was the contrast between Ang- and Sang-. In its purest form:

RT @SJHatzi It’s hard to be sanguine about the anguine.

Indeed it is! Personally, I’m not frightened of them, I just like to be able to see the anguine in the room.

Of course, you might look at this pair from a grammatical point of view and then …

RT @PrernaMunshi “Sanguine”, I was…”Anguine”, I am ! #Sixwords #artwiculate

And here’s a bucolic, not to say riverine, scene from @chemingineer

RT @chemingineer The anguine river meandered and lost itself in the sanguine horizon. #artwiculate

Chemical engineering, rivers and blood coloured sludge = Hungary! Let me quickly distance myself from that bit of tastelessness. [This is a current-at-the-time-news reference to the collapse of the walls of a holding pond for chemical sludge in Hungary. See here .]

The little pun-shaped space inside me was well-filled by contributions regarding today’s word.

RT @kado56 Man suffers sudden anguine attack after years of kicking his ‘ eels

RT @smeedha Anguine excitement: hissteria

RT @Gardencomet RIP Lady Anguine – she slithered into the pit

RT @pn8r He reminisced about his first girlfriend. She was anguine – she had a nice asp.

RT @lagadu123 I only realised he was anguine when he two-tined me.

(Geddit? 🙂 )

Snake oil (a substance that has graced our tweets on more than one occasion in the past) also put in more than one appearance.

RT @I2Haiku Drink Anguine Absinthe, it’s not your usual snake oil. #Artwiculate

RT @bookdreamer Ladies! Anguine-oil guaranteed to put a rattle in your man’s roll #artwiculate

And as we move into the Tropic of Serpens. (I’m TRYING to reference Henry Miller!)

RT @ariandalen Ah, Mistress Anguine: she’ll wrap around you and squeeze tightly, until you’re breathless. #artwiculate

RT @MaxRaunchiness The anguine redhead took me to her place for some cold-blooded bondage. Serpentine was the safe word.

RT @californiakara Little Max (Raunchiness) is anguine. #thatisall

RT @profitsee Christine Anguine Aguilera new dance hit: Do The Ouroboros To Me #artwiculate

And to close off that, and since @profitsee’s tweet carried us to the edge of the gnostic:

RT @Eridanus On the Ecliptic, anguine Ophiuchus separates Serpens Caput from Serpens Cauda. “Snakes on an Astral Plane”?

There were several attempts today to “do” something with Snakes on a Plane; that was the one I felt most satisfactory.

Where next? Well more about snakes I suppose.

RT @FrankSiddarta Sanguine was a happy snake

I like that. Could be the first line of a children’s story. Perhaps not this though …

RT @TiddK The early bird gets the anguine – OUCH! – bye bye birdie… #artwiculate

Oh dear. I wonder if it was an Honduran Tangerine – no wait I mean …

RT @Phil_Rothwell The Anguine Tangerine was said to have a real bite to its flavour.. enough to give a person cottonmouth, and leave them rattled #artwiculate

And then there are those people who behave like snakes. Salesmen

RT @mrbob I’m tired of anguine salespeople. I think one might have left some of his shed skin in my office last week. #artwiculate

Politicians of a certain pursuasion.

RT @runheidi She’s in possession of qualities a good Republican needs: an anguine persona and a CV of misanthropic deeds. #artwiculate

Of course some people might choose to become snakes rather than something else.

RT @marcosarroyos If the truth were told, Gregor would have preferred to become anguine rather than an insect.

It’s all a bit of a gamble though, isn’t it?

RT @19ish After rolling anguine-eyes at the craps table for the 3rd time in a row, Sally silently slithered away, skinned again.

Some of our recurring themes have already be referenced in this round-up. Here are a couple more. The epitaph.

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Anguine – He drowned in the Serpentine. #artwiculate

The train.

RT @Tralala56 As the train snaked towards Anguine, the passengers began to feel rather queasy.

Perdiccas in the dungeon

RT @dsceiorg Perdiccas, the prisoner is sanguine. “Oh, I was hoping to make a belt of him.” #artwiculate #anguine

And somewhwere in the realm of bad dreams, in another part of the dungeon, …

RT @mortythemouth Someone tried to anguine their way in here,sliding through the hole my mind,slithering in arteries of the sublime. #Artwiculate

RT @CreoleEloquence Anguine dreams slay peace/ This dark dry October morn/ Highway sounds slither dawn into ribbons/ #artwiculate #micropoetry #haiku

I’m going to finish off with a poem. I don’t often do this, but I really admire the way this scanned. Among other things. (It also appealed th the historian in me.)

RT @eilonwya10 Cleopatra, not feeling sanguine, aspired to expire; with assistance scaled & anguine, she achieved her last desire. #artwiculate

And that, my friends, is that. Big welcome greetings to new-hatched Artwiculati @CreoleEloquence & @mrbob

Greetings also to newcomers to the round-up @mortythemouth @PrernaMunshi & @profitsee who’ve all been playing Artwiculate awhile.

I’ll do another round-up for a few days. Look out for the next on Tuesday! Bye-bye *waves*. Back to @TheSupercargo now.

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