Arcane Lore

Arcane lore - OsirisGod-King Osiris,
   son of the Earth,
      son of the Sky,
   brother of Chaos,
      brother of Darkness,
locked in a chest,
   thrown in the river,
     washed in the waters,
        drowned in the sea,
rescued by Isis,
   woken from death,
      father of Horus,
his life Set again,
   chopped into pieces,
      spread through the world,
         regathered by love,
         embalmed and reburied,
         through mourning restored,
   Lord now of Silence,
   Lord now of Love,
   Lord now of Green,
   Lord now of Black,
God of the Spring,
   Judge of the Dead,
      Show mercy Osiris!
         Restore us this day.



© TheSupercargo

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