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Assemblage: A number of things or people assembled together; collection; assembly; a list of dishes served at a meal or the dishes themselves; the act or proces of assembling, or the state of being assembled; a sculpture that combines several different elements into single work of art.

Here comes @TheSupercargo’s assemblage of retweets for the day. (You saw that use of the WOTD coming a mile off, I expect.)

On ANZAC Day, when the people of Australian & New Zealand remember their war dead (especially in the miserable Gallipoli offensive) we had quite a few relevant tweets – largely from David Merilees (@dmriver) who produced a wonderful series of tweets. Please read them in sequence on David’s profile page. I’m RTing just one as a token.

RT @dmriver ..assemblage of loved ones, brothers, fathers, sons, husbands lovers. Left at home waiting and hoping. Left at home with the politicians.

Here’s another on the same theme from @mazpowles

RT @mazpowles Boys dressed as soldiers. Their hopes, dreams and aspirations – a dire assemblage of what might have been.

As we’ve started on a somber note let’s continue a little in the same key:

RT @urbancrafter His clothes still sit in the closet, his shoes still sit by the door; an assemblage of a man who isn’t here anymore. #artwiculate

That’s one of a pair, I think. Worth seeking out the other.

RT @Wifsie We were two halves of a whole, the perfect assemblage. Twenty years later, we’ve become a collage. #artwiculate

RT @lithiumzombie What is Time, if not a vaporous assemblage of yesterdays, spawning the illusion of tomorrow, when all there is is today?

RT @BurningHawk1969 Such an assemblage of misanthropy, tergiversation and obloquy! and they said he was a polymath; what a lummox. #artwiculate

So, the mood lightening a little, I liked that last tweet because it manages to assemble six WOTDs and pack them into one tweet.

I also liked @osmarjardim’s elegant illustration of the WOTD in the next tweet.

RT @osmarjardim A+s+s+e+m+b+l+a+g+e = assemblage.

But what is an assemblage, after all?

RT @DrMobs Assemblage is what my parentage, in their dotage and despite tutelage, can’t manage with their computerage.

Ah! I see. 🙂

I don’t usually RT tweets that link elsewhere, but I liked @LunaJune’s photo so much. That really is an assemblage!

RT @LunaJune my truck an assemblage of found things that called to me #artwiculate

RT @ZachTMartin Its not an assemblage of worthless junk. I’ll be able to use it eventually. Probably…

We can also define other things by reference to the WOTD. For example:

RT @pranavmukul Common sense is the assemblage of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen!

RT @dsceiorg What is a contract? / An assemblage of phrases / to constrain actions #haikuchallenge #artwiculate #haiku

RT @MinDavidWilson Assemblage appendage – opposable thumbs. #artwiculate

RT @navinsasikumar What do you call an assemblage of billboards? A hoarding

The WOTD also illustrates what we do, so it was a good opportunity to pat ourselves on the back.

RT @TiddK The Artwiculati : aristocratic assemblage of wordsmiths, poets, wits, philosophers, lovers, surrealists, pet owners, pun-dits..

RT @harrarp Guided by the holy smoke rising from the mainland we crossed the Twittersea to join in the ritual assemblage of the Hashtags.

Of course, some Artwiculati make very specific associations to this WOTD.

RT @MaxRaunchiness Brunettes on my right / Redheads on my left and an / Assemblage of blondes #maxku

A couple of fairytale references next.

RT @JonPowles All those shoes … all single glass slippers, boughtmail-order from Elle by a vast assemblage of would-be princesses

RT @InVinceWil Goldielocks to the assemblage of bears: “I’ve gathered you here for unsavory reasons, I must admit…”

And then I must RT the following which had me flipping pages in my dictionaries and spinnning up Google.

RT @SJHatzi Philotimo. Shibumi. Duende. Saudades. Megalopsychia. Conjuctio. An assemblage of words to live.

A little fragment of poetry now. This has to stand as representative for a huge number of other pieces – some very good. The WOTD inspired many a muse.

RT @helacious Resembling the riotous aftermath of a confetti-strewn parade, the shimmering assemblage of butterflies shook the foliage into kaleidoscope.

Finally I want to wind up with this very simple (but true) thought from @californiakara

RT @californiakara Life: some assemblage required.

And that’s the end. Thank you for reading and good night!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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