Autumn Banners for 2010

If you once post a sequence of seasonal banners to rotate on your homepage, you are sooner or later going to have to update them with a new batch for a new season. And so I present my Autumn Banners for 2010!

The banners are set to rotate randomly everytime you refresh the page so you may not see them all for a while, but here they are below in miniature and if you click on one of them, you should be able to see them all full size in a slide-show. [No longer. The present theme makes all of this impossible. 7 March 2017]

They are mostly taken in September or October, though not necessarily this year. in fact, I think only five are from 2010. I’ve doctored a few of them in Photoshop to bring out the colours more vividly.

The Autumn Banners of 2010

Autumn acer leaves, Sept 2008
This first I took last year or the year before in the Botanical Gardens here in Gothenburg. The tree is a Japanese acer.

Duck in ripples, Oct 2010
This is a recent picture at the time of writing. A duck framed by ripples on the pond in Hisingspark near where I live.

Rippled reflected autumn trees, Oct 2010
Taken at more or less the same time as the duck photo. I love the almost abstract quality of the rippled reflected birch trunks and turning leaves.

Little Britain bus stop London, Sept 2010
In London this September, walking around the city, my wife and I were surprised to find this bus stop. And there, we thought it was a fictional place in a TV comedy show.

Child's hands, Sept 2010
These hands are picking up flower petals someone has thrown as confetti at a wedding. The owner of the hands intends to recycle the petals. Over her mother’s head.

Frozen sun, Nov 2008
I took the photo in November 2007, I think. Autumn frosts have already bitten this year.

A face found in a photo

Face at The Globe, London Sept 2010
At the Globe theatre on London’s south Bank. Taking pictures of the interior and the audience before a performance of The Merry Wives of Windsor in September 2010. When I came to look at the pictures I found this face. I wonder who she’s waiting for.

Sun spot-lit lighthouse, Sept 2008
I’ve used this picture before. It’s a sun-spot-lit lighthouse on one of the skerries off the Swedish west coast. It’s an autumn picture because I took it on a photo safari with my photo-friend Lena sometime in September or October a couple of years ago.

In the reception of a hotel - from a photo taken in 2008
My most abstract banner. This is from a photo taken in the reception area of a hotel in Sundsvall a few autumns ago. It was a bit blurred. I have used one of Photoshop’s “artistic” treatments on it.

Which one do you like best?
Write me a comment!

Revisited and revised for SEO and featured image 7 March 2017.

8 thoughts on “Autumn Banners for 2010”

  1. A nice collection of pictures John!

    I really like the unusual ones. The red leaves and light house are all very nice but a bit ordinary compared to some of the others. The abstract one, the hands and the snowy sun all works really well. I think my favourite is the face, partly because it is such an unusal use of a theatre pic.


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