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Bailiwick: The area over which a bailiff has jurisdiction; a person’s special area of interest authority or skill.

And here in the Bailiwick of RT round-ups, we have a fine selection of the days tweets from familiar and unfamiliar names.

I didn’t find many people complaining about today’s word. Some in fact greeted it with positive relish:

RT @AaronLivingston Bailiwick: ah! Finally, such a wonderfully archaic middle-English word – I feel like I own the place! #artwiculate

Others were more reserved:

RT @mazpowles Bailiwick. Cute word, but it’s just not my area.

It also seemed to be a word that encouraged poetry …

RT @Quatfest_Haiku The oaks come alive / Startled rooks take to the sky / Leave their bailiwick #haiku

RT @InVinceWil folderol his forte / ballyhoo his bailiwick / just trust the silence #haiku

RT @celticgladiator A bailiwick in misery, broken hearts & dreams, the lady had a comeliness about her and many wicked schemes.

RT @dsceiorg Death sits in ruins / Her endless bailiwick frays / Apathy holds her #haikuwordgame #artwiculate

RT @TiddK On the farthest shores of imagination, mind’s bailiwick fades into the mist, to reveal visions of angels

And a certain degree of introspection and self-awareness …

RT @JonPowles Poetry is my dream, but doggerel is my bailiwick

RT @silversteelwolf The idealist’s bailiwick is the realm of possibility.

RT @emmaexpress @artwiculate has no bailiwick. Our collective imagination knows no bounds.

But where is the Bailiwick? @prashanthm18 had one answer:

RT @prashanthm18 Home is where the bailiwick is. #artwiculate

@tgunnars half agreed.

RT @tgunnars My home is my bailiwick except when my ex-wife’s mother stands in my yard screaming profanities at me.

For others, it is located elsewhere

RT @harrarp Six hours out of Panacea all passengers jolted. The train was picking up speed, they were now in the jurisdiction of Bailiwick!

RT @marcosarroyos During the trial the bailiff’s bailiwick was a chair in the courtroom where he slept. [True story]

RT @MaxRaunchiness “Where’s your bailiwick, Max?” “It’s the mountain range called Monts de Venus. Pretty humid there actually.”

RT @Nature__Lover A swan’s Bailiwick is on the water. When they get on land all they can do is waddle awkwardly #artwiculate

RT @Krafti_kit Knitting is my bailiwick. I move the yarn from stick to stick. #artwiculate #anotherknittingtweet

RT @ariandalen Bailey kept losing the wick in the molten wax. Obviously, candles weren’t her bailiwick.

RT @Gardencomet Bowler’s bailiwick – sphere of influence

And of course, words, words, words are our bailiwick, are they not?

RT @Tralala56 A word a day keeps senility away, and words are my bailiwick!

RT @corpofcorpseskk Teacher: why is your presentation so boring? Timmy: “Because mediocrity is my bailiwick.” C- on the project, A on word use. #artwiculate

RT @osmarjardim A person’s specific area of interest, skill, or authority: bailiwick. I see. Twitter counts?

Not only that, but the manual dexterity one gets from thumbing letters on ones mobile phone keeps at least two digits in good working order.

And that’s got to count for something too, right?

Not withstanding what @emmaexpress had to say about the limitlessness of @artwiculate, @TinaNguyen had this to contribute …

RT @TinaNguyen Come into the bailiwick of the artwiculati and you might get knocked over by Atilla the Pun!

Which nicely leads me to my favourite pun-with-idiom-play for the day:

RT @lagadu123 The kangaroo court would have had a bigger bailiwick, had the judge not been in someone’s pocket.

Hard choices today – discovered I’d liked no less than five of @Gardencomet’s tweets and four of @TiddK’s (and @JonPowles horny Englishman), but think I’ll let it rest here.

Just want to say a quick special word of greeting to @corpofcorpseskk and @Nature__Lover, two new players. Welcome, both!

But for now, that’s all from my Bailiwick, so I’ll be handing back to @TheSupercargo.

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