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Bedizen: To ornament something in showy, tasteless, or gaudy finery.
Greetings Artwiculati! Here’s @TheSupercargo’s alternative persona with a shiny, not to say bedizened, new RT round-up for you.

And what a glittering array of wit, wisdom, wonder and downright wackyness we have shared in today’s crop.

Let’s kick off with wit and a fairly sober comment from @chemingineer

RT @chemingineer Wit is by design not bedizen. #artwiculate

Which I would like to pair with this from @kings_indian

RT @kings_indian bedizen like beckham…

But what does the WOTD mean? As ever, plenty of the Artwiculati offered definitions. Some I particularly liked came from @lagadu123 and @ultracutebot

RT @lagadu123 Bedizen: when more is somehow less

RT @ultracutebot bedizen is like a piece of lexicon bling…

Bling was definitely one of those words that many people associated with today word. @FrankSiddarta for one

RT @FrankSiddarta Bedizen – bling it on

[And with a mighty 122 points, @FrankSiddarta took the crown for this one. We’ve not seen a score like that since the early days of the game. Kudos, Frank!]

First sight of the WOTD seemd to cause a similar reaction in @TiddK

RT @TiddK Bedizen, Artwiculate? Oh My Gaud-y!

@19ish knows all about a girl’s best friend (and how to get a good price)

RT @19ish Huge diamond sale: Cheaper by the bedizen! #artwiculate

And the gold digger (maybe diamond digger?) is a classic type who’s story @Jazmira illustrated in this next

RT @Jazmira She loved him.His money made him so attractive.She dressed in bedizen beads, baubles.they danced.They divorced five years later #artwiculate

For @Schnicka bediz3n is just a fancy word for something else

RT @Schnicka You say bedizen, I say CAMP! #artwiculate

While @marcosarroyos thought of another related synonym

RT @marcosarroyos Billy Bedizen was so forward that on their first date he said, “Kitsch me Kate.”

(And I just want to say that I had a hard job picking just ONE of @marcosarroyos tweets today. Recommend you check his profile page!)

But decoration is not necessarily excess. Think of birds. Many people thought of the peacock, but only @TOCSY1 gave us the bower bird

RT @TOCSY1 Bedizen away, Bower bird, you Romeo.

@Doc_Harding also looked at nature and shared a little piece of classical-styled verse

RT @Doc_Harding Morning will bedizen the lilly w’ scant dozen beads of dew. Your gilding’s not needed, nor your silver chasing. More beauty it cannot imbue

As did @ariandalen in this

RT @ariandalen Overnight rainstorms ~ Dawn shows frozen branches gleam ~ Bedizen winter. #artwiculate #haiku

@CreoleEloquence was also inspired to dip into a more classical style (though on a thoroughly modern subject, miles away from nature)

RT @CreoleEloquence How Hollywood doth pour out her Bedizen citizens! Like to the goddesses, they do draw baths in poor judgement and ore. #Artw

In truth there were few of the more serious tweets that caught my fancy today. The WOTD seemed to lend itself so much better to humour.

@JonPowles continued his long-running struggle with that poetic form he loves to hate

RT @JonPowles Keep your haiku spare ~ bedizen them not a single ~ syllable more … O shit #haiku #haikuthrowdown #haikuthrowup

@sevenofdays shared an advertising slogan for this day and age

RT @sevenofdays At Bedizen Weddings, we pride ourselves on pimping your bride. #artwiculate

I imagine @sevenofdays’s pimped brides aspiring to become @CreoleEloquence’s Hollywood godesses and when they do, one of @kado56’s tourists will be sure to traipse through their home exclaiming

RT @kado56 Cor! Get a load o’ those flash satin sheets. This bedizen half trash, innit?

Very possibly @MaxRaunchiness might also be describing one of these women

RT @MaxRaunchiness Bedizen lady / Beautiful with a firm grip / My L-O-L-A #maxku

Though, I’m not dumb, I can’t understand why she walks like a woman but’s bedizened like a man 🙂

And speaking of old songs, @mazpowles shared the best of today’s collection of desert/horses

RT @mazpowles I’ve been through the desert on a horse named Bedizen. Bloody show-pony.

And, still in the desert, I really liked @I2Haiku’s nomads

RT @I2Haiku Bedizens roam the desert on ornately decorated camels. #Artwiculate “bedizen”

In the bar (where, of course, we want to be after we’ve gone through the desert) @helacious shared a recipe

RT @helacious No need to bedizen my martini – just give that bottle of vermouth a passing thought, and move on.

One of the wackier, and yet at the same time very true questions came from @MediasRes

RT @MediasRes 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510…why can you never bedizen Ï€

(As my fans will know, I do not count myself among the numerate, but even I get that one.)

Taking us back to winter, @dsceiorg led us down into the dungeons again

RT @dsceiorg Perdiccas, I see the dungeon still has plumules of hoarfroast. “Yes, sir, the Snow Queen still deigns to bedizen us.” #artwiculate #lqw

And @twilobite22 shared some seasonal news

RT @twilobite22 Newsflash: Rudolph to retire Dec 26. His replacement is reported to be Blitzen’s nephew, Bedizen, the newest rising star of the stable.

Several people picked up the similarity in spelling (and pronunciation?) of the WOTD to “citizen” Here’s a piece of public information from @essence_me

RT @essence_me bedizen-ship application comes in a thick envelope with hot pink, neon green, blood orange papers and a brown paper bag in case you vomit

And finally, building on that, I want to conclude with the following wonderful concatenation of puns from @brucedenby

RT @brucedenby Milly the bedbug tarted herself up for a big night out on the chair. Tonight, this bedizen would become a citizen!

Thank you! That concludes the round-up for today. There just remains the usual Greetings to newcomers to the round-up @Jazmira (who’s been an occasional player since May) and @brucedenby (an occasional player since October)

And to newcomers to the round-up and to Artwiculate @Doc_Harding (whose been playing for a week or so) and @MediasRes who’s just started.

That’s it. Thank you for your attention. Hope you enjoyed the selection. There are still “about 2 hours left to tweet” – and vote. Go do it!

Handing back to @TheSupercargo now.

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