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Bellwether: The (usually castrated) male sheep (a wether) that leads the flock and is belled by the shepherd so he can be found; A leader (derogative); Something indicative of future trends.

Greetings Artwiculati! Neither I nor @TheSupercargo really aspire to being your bellwether, howsomever, here we are again.

Not the most inspirational of words, today’s WOTD, I thought, and indeed my short list strains to the score, but still there was SOME fun to be had from the collective Artwicu-tweets. Like this “conversation”:

RT @helacious You don’t need a bellwether to know for whom the bell tolls.

RT @ultracutebot so wait, a male sheep has to get his balls chopped off to be a bellwether ?

RT @mazpowles So why does it have to be a BellWether? What’s wrong with ewe?

RT @TiddK bellwether tinkles ~ we, like sheep to the slaughter ~ follow unthinking . #haiku #artwiculate

RT @Squawkingalah I’m eating lamb chops tonight. That’s bellwether lamb chops. I feel bad about it but I love lamb. Baaa.

RT @Eridanus You ATE the bellwether? – “Yeah – roasted, well done, whatever.” – “Well, don’t ask for whom the bell tolls…!”

Plays on weather were also plentiful today. for example:

RT @19ish Feeling a nip in the air tonight. Is it getting to be jingle bellwether already? #artwiculate

RT @FrankSiddarta Bellwether or fowl – the postman cometh

And I even figured in a weather-related tweet myself! (Thanks to @lawyergirl3 and her on-going campaign.)

RT @lawyergirl3 [MAHFU Mishmash artwiculate haiku for you @TSupercargo ~ lawyergirlstyle] Swedish september ~ approaching apricity ~ demure bellwether

That got included not simply for @lawyergirl3’s sucking up ( 🙂 ) but also because it taught me “apricity” (apparently the warmth of the sun in winter).

One of my own poor efforts fumbled for the idea @goldenskye encapsulated so much better in this following:

RT @goldenskye The bellwether of bad times is the sudden absence of a fair-weather friend.

A certain cynicism crept into some tweets:

RT @urbanascetic Bellwether, leading the Flock ~ Still Sheep #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

RT @chemingineer Before we had sheep as bellwether. Now we have the octopus. #artwiculate

And @LorcanDesperado gave us what I take to be a reference to global warming:

RT @LorcanDesperado The wise bellwether is running for higher ground. #artwiculate

My taste for the surreal was satisfied today by the following:

RT @RortlyGoblins Tarradiddle looked at Churly with bellwether eyes. “Line ’em up, Churly – and ring my bell when I’m done.”

I’ve no idea what’s going on there, but my imagination conjures up all sorts of pictures!

I also liked Harry’s bellwether sheep for the digital age:

RT @harrarp The bellwether’s new ringtone was getting on the flock’s nerve. When it got to “Have you any wool..?” they all went “Duh..!”

Meanwhile, back among the crusted aristocracy:

RT @kado56 “Bit of a ding dong at The Bellwether Club last night, Harbs. Young rakes flouting the dresscode.” “No intention of following suit, Sir?”

And possibly in the same catagory:

RT @marcosarroyos By the time they put Stella in the nursing home she didn’t know a belle epoque from a bellwether.

Then comes @pn8r with a statement of something I suspect may be truer for men of a certain age (mine) than one might wish:

RT @pn8r In retrospect, his girlfriends’ answers to the classic dilemma of Kirk vs. Picard had been the bellwether of every relationship.

The final spot today goes to @Nimue_ in what I think may be her first appearance in the round-up:

RT @Nimue_ never thought ~ some one’s word ~ would become ~ bellwether ~ of my day #artwiculate #gogyohka

Don’t worry @Nimue_ ! Tomorrow someone’s other word will be our new day’s bellwether.

And that’s the round-up rounded up. Cheerio folks! Gotta go –>> *disappearing in a cloud of wool and tinkle of bells*

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