Big changes

SeagullThis website has been quiet for some time, but earlier in the year I decided I would reconfigure my various sites and keep this as a mostly static home base. To this end I’ve been looking for a good theme. I’m not entirely sure Themify’s Basic WP theme is the one I’m going to stick with, but that’s what I’m using at the moment.

Ultimately there will be just four pages here – the Front page, an About page, a Contact form and a Copyright notice. The remaining material I’ll move over to one or other of my subdomains.

Big changes are in the air in my Real Life. In 2015 I’m moving with my wife to Brussels for an extended period, though we’ll be keeping our base in Gothenburg where we’ll return eventually. I’ve also recently been able to open a social web home at Ello and am starting a move away from Facebook. (No doubt the FB page will continue for some time though as it is still so ubiquitous. And Ello is still so very Beta!)

My current plan is to update my Ello stream more or less daily for the period up until I’m well established in Brussels and to put a weekly summary on FB. Here I’ll write an occasional update – I’ll try to do at least one every month. (Maybe also revive my moribund Twitter stream.) I’ll keep posting At the Quill on a weekly basis and I’ll keep up my daily photo from Gothenburg – at least through to the end of November 2014. Once we move, though, that will necessarily go into mothballs. (Though I’m hoping eventually to start another photo blog – perhaps not daily. We’ll see how that develops.)

With luck and more time available I also plan to revive Articulations. I’ll be posting new material there salted with stuff from TheSupercargo archives.

Earlier this year I managed to get the Swedish Companies Registrations Agency to let me change the name of my firm to SC Words and Images. (They didn’t want to let me be TheSupercargo or even TheSupercargo Words and Images as there are still real supercargoes out in real the world and clearly someone who writes, photographs and translates could so easily be confused with someone who travels around overseeing the sales of goods from merchant ships[¡] ) I’m also planning to transfer my former business website at into a subdomain here. That won’t be happening any time very soon. Call it a goal of aspiration.

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