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Billet-doux: A love letter (old fashioned)

Back in the saddle again, @TheSupercargo’s doppleganger rides out for another RT Round-up. Yee-ha! Er, what’s the WOTD again?

RT @lagadu123 Billet-doux: le mot d’amour du jour

Come again?

RT @lithiumzombie What’s the Word of the Day? / “Billet-doux.” / “Bill-a doo? What’s that then?” / “That’s French, innit.”

So of course, some Artwiculati took the opportunity to write love letters (or tweets anyway) to twitter, to the game and to one another.

Both @osmarjardim and @TiddK produced a series of tweets. I’m quoting another of Osmar’s a little later, so let this one stand for all the rest:

RT @TiddK billet-doux > @Tralala56 : Magnificent Madge’s love letters to Timorous Tim were accompanied by a hail of sharp letter-openers
[And we all loved her for it! This tweet won @TiddK the crown for this WOTD.]

I thought @TiddK’s tweets especially well crafted. And there were 30 or so of them!

What is a love letter, though? Judging by today’s Artwiculate tweets it can be … An action:

RT @ariandalen Each trip to the recycling center, each tree planted, is a billet-doux to the Earth. #artwiculate

A vision:

RT @Squawkingalah A flock of pink and grey galahs. A billet-doux from out of the blue.

An emotion:

RT @dmriver Dearest Sally, Your billet-doux takes my breath away. I am leashed to you, your panting, your paws. Walk with me.

An adolescent crush:

RT @InVinceWil His little Fifth Grade / billet-doux: check ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ / from “Guess-Who,” third row. #haiku #artwiculate

An act of love:

RT @Audacee Disappearing ink ~ billet-doux scrawled on my skin ~ by skillful fingers #senryu #artwiculate

A stepping stone on the way to joy:

RT @jneen8 The four steps to Happily Ever after: 1. Coup de foudre, 2. Billet-doux, 3. La vie en rose 4. La joie de vivre. (Et voila!) #artwiculate

Perhaps it can be anything at all:

RT @pn8r Genuine and true / make a billet-doux / whether violets be red / or roses blue #truelovemakesanythingabilletdoux

But then it can also be ambiguous:

RT @celticgladiator A suicide note or a billet-doux. You decide, its up to you.

RT @BurningHawk1969 I put your billet-doux in a bullet-box for ammunition in a future quarrel. #artwiculate

And a source of pain:

RT @honeygloom I wrote the wind a billet-doux and it slammed the door right in my face.

RT @MaryJenkins He read her scrawled billet-doux on a crumpled cocktail napkin saturated with Johnny Walker. “It’s a shame I can’t remember your name.” #vss

A stored memory of secret sweetness:

RT @imjustjillh billet-doux in a box…tied with twine…tucked away, forgotten and faded with time #artwiculate #billet-doux

A commercial opportunity:

RT @K_Geddings I’m opening a small stand to sell hyphens from my punctuation plant. Ya’ll can’t do Billet-Doux without ’em.

And a stumbling into comedy:

RT @marcosarroyos Harry finished his Twitter billet-doux. Before he could send it, he crashed into a light pole. Texting while walking.

Perhaps it’s better not to write one at all?

RT @baccatum Rule #1. The billet-doux is a no-no. Nothing in writing. Just in case. Rule #2. NO videotapes. Can’t stress this one enough. I know.

But if you must write, do remember:

RT @mazpowles Some billet-doux sn’ don’ts: Do write from the heart. Do remember her name. Don’t return with punctuation or spelling corrections

Perhaps the most straightforward thing is to stick to those three words …

RT @osmarjardim 6 propinquity of billet-doux 1~ I love you 2~ I love you 3~ I love you 4~ I love you 5~ I love you 6~ I love you.

But never forget the danger:

RT @harrarp It was tragic how, after a billet-doux or two their love became stationary.

And who knows what may be written of you after you are gone?

RT @EccleStoned RIP Ms. Billet-Doux. She could’ve been more composed.

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Billet-Doux – should have used a French letter. #artwiculate

RT @mwartwiculate Billet-doux is not my lover. She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one. #artwiculate #StupidSongLyrics

Regardless, there are always some who just don’t care:

RT @tWordBird The early bird, she gets her worm ~ It’s odd, but very true ~ That she prefers her worms w/dew ~ O’er any billet-doux! #poem

Twitter has been very skittish today about searches. It doesn’t seem to like billets-doux. But there, at last, you have my round-up.

A quick parenthetical greeting newcomers to my RT round-up @ariandalen @jneen8 @Audacee & @honeygloom and then …

I hope all followers enjoyed it! Handing off now to @TheSupercargo.

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