Book Lovers – Question 1

A Week of Questions. Pick one (or more) answers and write a comment.

Which of these comes closest to describing your relationship with books?

You sit in your sofa and look at your shelves and think…

a) – So many books, they are like old friends.
b) – So many books, and so many I’ve not yet read!
c) – So many books! So much dust!
d) – Books do furnish a room – I need more… and more shelves.
e) – Now all my books are on my e-reader I have much more space for my collection of porcelain plates with pictures of kittens.

A Week of Questions for Book Lovers was inspired by Pernilla’s Questions.

I originally published this article on the separate At the Quill website. I transferred it here on 27th April 2017.

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