Brusque – Artwiculate round up from 13 April 2010


(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Brusque: Blunt or curt in manner or speech.

I’m going out this evening, so here’s an early RT round-up taking account only of tweets made in the first 15 hours.

Still, managed to make my quota of around 20 tweets to RT even if I haven’t “liked” more than about 50.

I don’t know if this / is a trend or a campaign / but there’s lots of bad #haiku #outtheretoday #ilikehaikume #butnotthismuch

I’m only going to RT three. The others will come a bit later, but the first is by @osmarjardim

RT @osmarjardim Brusque abrupt bluff blunt~ brief crusty discourteous gruff ~ hasty impolite sharp snappy. #5-7-5badHaikuWith synonyms?

But who needs haiku when there are other poetic forms available?

RT @zimmerjohn Perhaps her brusque demeanor has been forged throughout the years / A taciturn defence to spare her heart from bitter tears. #poetry

RT @ultracutebot those brusque words/blunt force trauma to your fragile ego/here’s a bandage for your wounded pride

And @BeaSempere proves you don’t have to count syllables, rhyme or slash-break lines to write poetry.

RT @BeaSempere @artwiculate I waited for sunrise, but the sun was too brusque for the new day.

RT @tWordBird The early bird is brusque ~Within the matutinal dusk ~ Catching her worms forthright~At the first break in yesternight. #poem

And @tWordBird managed to get in a couple of previous WOTDs as well. Kudos!

Next up a pair. They go so well together I could almost believe the one was a response to the other, but I think not.

RT @urbancrafter persistent playboy :: what part of my brusque brushoff :: said please persevere? #artwiculate #haiku

RT @beezknez She was brusque? No / that’s just her way of telling / me she wants me now///#haiku #artwiculate

And those were the other two haiku – if you weren’t sure.

In my book, many of the most successful of the more serious tweets use the WOTD in a way that also illustrates or defines it. Or re-defines it

RT @ajeanne She came home. He was gone: no talking, no note. Beyond brusque. Over.

RT @essence_me being stood up at a lunch date – tomato basil brusque.

RT @Miriclaire Love is gentle ~ doubt is brusque

RT @TinaNguyen I don’t mean to be brusque, it’s just that I’d rather write than talk. #artwiculate

Here are a couple that play with themes we have developed playing Artwiculate.

RT @Nickpbonwick Holy Identities Batman, Is your real name Brusque Wayne ? **** off Robin !

RT @TiddK In a bar, Mythomania promised to pay for all the drinks, Brusque ordered a short, and Taciturn is still waiting to be served

@Nickpbonwick got in a pun and @TiddK referenced a couple of previous WOTDs too.

I know he’s a feature elsewhere on the Internet, but we haven’t heard much about Chuck Norris in our little backwater. Until now:

RT @Wifsie Chuck Norris: he’s brusque and manly and he likes his tarts crusty. #artwiculate

Maybe @Wifsie will start a trend. What do you think?

Here’s one that sent me to a dictionary. Actually I knew exactly what it meant as soon as I saw it, but sudden doubt – I had to check. I was right.

RT @peteraseaman After several brooskies the night before, he felt a little brusque

And is the WOTD always the word one really wants?

RT @mbdconroy No, I’m not brusque. Bitchy is the term you’re searching for.

The WOTD also attracted our eminent punsters. Some fine examples:

RT @navinsasikumar What do you call a brusque pair of scissors? Snippy

RT @baccatum That Billy goat’s gruff. But brusque, no. Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!

RT @JonPowles If you can’t afford the Moulin Rouge, the girls of Le Brusque Burlesque are ok; just a bit shorter; a bit less … welcoming.

RT @EccleStoned he always scowls when he is on the treadmill. that, my friends, is what i call a brusque walk.

RT @kado56 If youre going to be Brusque, can I be Sheila?

Which leaves me with my final RT from @graffitipoet.

RT @graffitipoet Everybody cheer & pull up a chair! Hero of a nation & scourge of society, Captain Canuck, is in the house. Brusque & drunk and probably high

Captain Canuk, I want to know more!

Right, that’s yer lot. Still “about 8 hours left” so get out there and tweet. Oh, and don’t forget to vote too!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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