Cahoots – Artwiculate round up from 14 April 2010

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Cahoots: in partnership, in collaboration, in league, often for nefarious ends. Often preceeded by prep. in.

Today’s WOTD really brought the Artwiculati to attention. All sorts of interesting uses – many comic (it’s a funny word, after all) but not all by any means. I ended up with well over 80 ‘likes’ and a short list of nearly 40 which took some whittling, let me tell you.

Inevitably, I suppose, the idea of hoots and owls gave us a quiverful of tweets, some very good, but for my taste, this was the best:

RT @ZimmerJohn The others birds were convinced: the owls were definitely in cahoots with each other. #artwiculate

Cahoots has a slightly old fashioned, melodramatic quality about it, something several Artwiculati remarked on, none better than @ajeanne

RT @ajeanne They’re in cahoots!!! Oh, stop. So melodramatic – like a cartoon character. You’ll be bumped off Twitter for your histrionics.

A good many people also took the opportunity to salt their tweets inventively with previous WOTDs. (Err WsOTD?) One good example:

RT @coinopratdchris My doppelganger and I were in cahoots to rob a bank, but that bastard double-crossed me.

And we also had numerous tweets that played with one or another of our recurrent themes. Just a couple of favourite example:

RT @tWordBird The early bird’s in cahoots with the sun ~ She gets her worms after yesternight’s done. #poem #artwiculate

RT @lithiumzombie Shocking news: my goldfish has confessed he’s in a cahoots with Satan! Or ‘Beelzeblurb’, as he calls him.

There were several very nice tweets playing around with idioms. Here’s one good example:

RT @emmaexpress Birds of a feather, in cahoots together, hatch a plot to build a nest-egg.

A very large group of tweets, unusually, took the road of malapropism and cleverly misused the WOTD. Three I liked:

RT @BurningHawk1969 She jerked back conulsively. “Cahoots! why didn’t you tell me! do I need a shot now?! #artwiculate

RT @BeaSempere @artwiculate You must have some big cahoots to say that to me.

RT @Squawkingalah Dinner tonight: stuffed cahoots with mint.

Popular culture also got in on the act. Films:

RT @JonPowles Now, Clarice, we could be in cahoots, but first you must give me a hand. I suppose a foot would do. #Hannibaltweets

And nursery rhymes:

RT @goldenskye Move along, Cow. I hear the Owl is in cahoots with the Moon.

And @smeedha managed a clever reference to a Sherlock Holmes mystery in a twisted definition:

RT @smeedha Ginger cahoots-The red headed league

In another twisted definition, @baccatum also packed in a nice alliteration:

RT @baccatum A cabal of elephant drivers: Mahouts in cahoots.

I’m always impressed when anyone takes up the challenge to write a short story that runs on in a series of tweets. Today
@dmriver gave us a thriller. Too long to RT all, but you can find his profile page on Artwiculate if you want to read more than just this:

RT @dmriver Heavy feet bounce from the alley walls. Lungs burning, tear blurred cahoots spinning. Sobs into the main road, empty. Frozen, fallen.

My final 10 RTs all use the WOTD in its correct sense and treat it seriously. Well, not the first few perhaps:

RT @mazpowles Why are the fashion houses always in cahoots/To minimise my stature and maximise my glutes?

RT @harrarp Anyone who’s been there can tell you there a certain comfort in cahoots.

RT @snatchbeast Cosmo the Cat is certainly in cahoots with Chez Snootee’s chicken chef

RT @yearning4d_sky Spring Summer Autumn ~ in Cahoots with each other ~ leave Winter white #artwiculate #haiku

RT @aarthycrazy it rained/ Light broke/ Rainbows took wing/ the earth & sky got lost into each other holding hands – A love in cahoots @artwiculate #poem

RT @SJHatzi The stars above festoon the sky and in cahoots the moon shines bright / Seduced, I’m lost in this spring night.

RT @lagadu123 Who are you in cahoots with as you wend your wicked way ? I hope it isn’t me that is leading you astray

RT @EccleStoned Your eyes were in cahoots with your smile to distract me all evening. And night.

RT @MaltaGoddess My heart dared to betray me – went in cahoots with hope.

RT @TiddK Planet Earth, dying ~ Man in cahoots with Man ~ executioner . #haiku #artwiculate

No particular favourites out of all those. I like them equally. My money is on several of these for the top 5 tomorrow. What do you think?

Thank you for your attention! Handing back to @TheSupercargo now. 🙂

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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