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Camraderie: A spirit of familiarity and trust existing between friends; the close friendship among a group of friends or teammates.
Greetings! It’s time for @TheSupercargo’s doppelganger to intrude on all the camaraderie with the latest RT round-up.

Quite a collection of backslapping and internal jokes today. Inevitably, I suppose after all …

RT @TinaNguyen Nothing like the camaraderie of the artwiculati!

RT @ZimmerJohn “Camaraderie” – Could there be a better word to describe the feeling among those who play #artwiculate?

RT @mscator Finally, @artwiculate, a word that celebrates my heart & drinks coffee w/me: Camaraderie. You , me, us.

RT @asim7asim let the camaraderie ~ bloom like a sweet camomille ~ dear Artwiculatti #haiku #artwiculate
[And lo! This fine tweet won the hearts of the Artwiculati who voted @asim7asim a crown for it!]

@TiddK produced a screed of tweets using the word and linking Artwiculati by reference to their favourite themes.

I’m not going to RT them all (though I’ve voted, Tidd) but let this one stand as an example:

RT @TiddK Camaraderie of @MaltaGoddess @BurningHawk1969: close-knit Barbies in unison – “So many Ken, so little time *sigh*”

As for the link between camaraderie and the Comrades (also taken up by a number of tweeters), I’ll let @Squawkingalah’s next stand for them:

RT @Squawkingalah So camaraderie, come rally, and the next tweet let us face! The Inter-Artwiculati must join the wordy race!

Even in among the artwiculati love-in today I heard the occasional plaintive voice:

RT @Krafti_kit Camaraderie, friendship, a close-knit community/It’s what we seek /Only the truly lucky find it. #artwiculate #sniffsniff #stilllooking

@Krafti_kit is not alone, I think I detect a kindred plaint here:

RT @mazpowles Picked up some afternoon tea from the boulangerie and the patisserie. Unfortunately the camaraderie was closed so I ate alone.

RT @mwartwiculate When work is going well, there’s lots of camaraderie. When things go bad, solitude

But …

RT @Faisal___ Camaraderie : A concept worth living for, especially in hard times. #Artwiculate

And if you can find someone with whom to push on through hardships and difficulties then:

RT @lagadu123 After an ordeal together, camaraderie ‘s what you’ve got. Even if you lost something, you stand to gain a lot.

With something of the same sense (if not perhaps on quite the same downbeat):

RT @dmriver Trenchant camaraderie helps when going over the top.

And in this technological age, never forget:

RT @dsceiorg New from Apple – The i-camaraderie – Virtually the only friend you will need #artwiculate

As ever, a few Artwiculati took it upon themselves to investigate slightly skewed senses of the WOTD.

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate Camaraderie: A specialized camera used to take pictures of rear ends.

RT @shaunarum camaraderie: The feeling of belonging when you find other people who are as irritated by misused punctuation as you are. #artwiculate

RT @storygirl08 Billy fakes an asthma attack as Jim steals the math test answer key- childhood camaraderie at its finest? #artwiculate

RT @kado56 I find camaraderie and mud wrestling have the same sort of “we’re in this together” atmosphere.

RT @harrarp Those petite birdies / hoisting the Fail Whale / such camaraderie

Meanwhile, in the deep end of the Artwiculate pool, the philosophers were pondering:

RT @OpelDHell in the camaraderie of the prime numbers, there is no division #artwiculate

RT @AaronLivingston What is the camaraderie between the ego and the realized self? Answer this and answer the koan of koans…artwiculate

I think I’ll pass on that invitation, but thanks anyway @AaronLivingston.

This was (generally) a popular word and one that attracted very little negativity. But here’s one:

RT @baccatum There was no camaraderie at the phlebotomist’s conference. Apparently lots of bad blood…

(A phlebotomist is someone whose profession it is to draw blood from other people. Not many people know that!)

But even when someone you love doesn’t hear you right the first time, there’s no way most people can become irritated around the WOTD

RT @LStephenCleary Camera on shelf dear? What? The camera please on the shelf – hurry. What? Camaraderie – hurry – ahh missed the shot. What?

No, the truth is:

RT @osmarjardim Camaraderie is when you share your umbrela.

@carolstett shared the following insight (which I’m going to guess comes from personal experience):

RT @carolstett A great performance is birthed from the camaraderie of rehearsal. #artwiculate

And the next is another tweet with something of the personal about it from @InVinceWil

RT @InVinceWil When asked, we call it / camaraderie, hands held / swinging, unafraid #haiku

But I’m going to take issue with @beezknez about the next one …

RT @beezknez Now imagine that / a world run by poets, what / camaraderie /#artwiculate ‘camaraderie’

You see, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world” (Shelly) And look at the mess we’re in!

Two tweets to finish. Here’s a themed one from @Tralala56 that I couldn’t fit in earlier

RT @Tralala56 007 had an unusual gift for camaraderie. He wasn’t called ‘Bond’ for nothing!

I’m thinking: Daniel Craig tied up in the chair in Casino Royal. Perhaps not what @Tralala56 had in mind. (Or perhaps exactly …)

And finally, I’ve simply got to thank @amanuel187 for putting in a good word for us Doppelgangers.

RT @amanuel187 Doppelganger camaraderie? Indeed, I am one with myself. #artwiculate

I’m his doppelganger, but he’s also mine before I hand back to @TheSupercargo I just want to say Hi! and Welcome to …

@shaunarum (first time player), to occasional players @storygirl08 and @mscator and to @Faisal___ who we’ve not seen for awhile.

That’s your lot! Passing the ball back to @TheSupercargo now.

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