NaNoWriMo: Research


Research is important for any writer … but you’ve got to strike a balance between research and writing. (Still, I do recommend “The Book Job”, episode 6 of the 23rd series of The Simpsons!) © TheSupercargo


…and welcome to The Supercargo’s Articulations.  This website is a step on the road to a re-configuring of my Internet presence. Over the coming year I plan to thin out the database of TheSupercargo main site. Some of the material already published there I’ll be moving over to this sub-domain, but I also intend to use Articulations to post newly written examples of poetry and short prose and items I find in my archives. During May I intend to establish a number of pages here, including one which will be effectively a weblog chronicling the development of this site. To begin with, though I can say that the  site is powered by WordPress and uses the Runo theme by la_ri_za (aka Leena … More…