Here be Dragons – Writing Diary

Here be Dragons: I’m using a dictation programme – DragonDictate – with various success. It seems to take a bit of getting used to.

There is a scene in The Player of Games, a science fiction novel by Iain M Banks, in which the protagonist, Jernau Gurgeh, while swimming backstroke, is dictating into a microphone that is tracking his movement up and down a swimming pool. I have to confess that even I found that unlikely, but what an exciting idea!

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Persperistance II

ovember is the cruelest month. Yes I know that TS Eliot thought it was April, but for me it’s November. As the days get shorter and darker and duller, so I begin to feel all my pleasure, all my delight, all my creativity, all of it, spiralling away like water down a plughole. It’s like this every year and yet, for some strange reason, every year it surprises me. I’m probably suffering from some obscure form of masochism. Why else, despite my seasonal affective disorder (not to mention my history of melancholia), would I choose to live in a country where every winter is a plunge towards Ragnarok? Yet I’ve lived in Scandinavia for 29 winters now and every year … More…



Three reasons why submitting your creative writing for publication to an edited web site or print journal is a good thing. Some pointers and a discussion of Ray Bradbury’s d.i.y. authorship method. More…