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I assert my moral right to be identified as the author of all the contents of www.thesupercargo.com (herinafter this site ) including all texts, images, and speech or sound recordings, unless otherwise stated.

By posting the contents of this site publicly on the Internet, I give tacit approval to you, the visitor to view, listen to and download copies of any and all the texts, images and speech or sound recordings of which I am the author.

Some items published on this site are specifically licensed as Creative Commons (CC), and these items may be freely downloaded and reused as specified in the particular CC license. Read the small print!

Unless specified in a Creative Commons license I do NOT give permission for you the visitor to edit, change or mash up any of the contents of this site that you may download. If you want to adapt or use my work in your own creative process, please contact me first.

However, you the visitor are free to share any and all of the contents of this site on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Buzz etc, PROVIDED you acknowledge my authorship and provide a link back to this site.

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You are also free to link to www.thesupercargo.com or to specific pages of this site from your own homepage, provided you acknowledge my authorship and do not attempt to pass off my work as your own. Please contact me to discuss a mutual exchange of links, if that is something that interests you.
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