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Comatose: In a state of coma; unconscious; torpid, lethargic, drowsy
Good evening/morning/afternoon, my fellow Artwiculati. Here’s @TheSupercargo’s wide-awake doppelganger with an all-new round-up. Today’s Word of the Day had many of us dropping off to sleep, while others promoted the rock band Skillet and their song/album “WOTD”.

No, of course it’s not really called WOTD. I was just making an in-joke. But I doubt many listening to it, if comatose, would remain so long.

Personally, in my afternoon, I was delighted to think of a really funny pun about Hobbits combing their toes only to discover I was being far from original. @eilonwya10 beat me by about 15 hours – and though the first she wasn’t the only one.

RT @eilonwya10 Quoth the exhausted hobbit who made pedicures a habit: “I feel comatose but cannot rest ’cause I must comb my toes.”

Any number of people offered definitions, the most serious of the witty ones being from @alex_auron

RT @alex_auron Comatose, the last point before life’s full stop.

I also liked @marcosarroyos atwiculate/loqwacious crossover which doesn’t define so much as illustrate the word

RT @marcosarroyos An overdose of his own florid prose left him comatose with his head on his escritoire. #lqw

But the alternative definitions I found funniest came from @supaRabbit @Eridanus and @sevenofdays

RT @supaRabbit comatose: a tomato recall due to salmonella outbreak.

RT @Eridanus Comatose (n.) A saccharide (q.v.) not yet postulated to exist in some comets, which is almost completely unrelated to galactose

RT @sevenofdays Comatose Cutie: Sleeping Beauty. #artwiculate

@sevenofdays’s definition uses a fairy-tale reference to comic effect; @ariandalen takes the same story and does something different with it

RT @ariandalen Sixteen years unspun ~ With single prick of spindle ~ Hundred comatose. #artwiculate #senryu

Still in literary mode, here’s @Ameeee’s homage to Aldous Huxley’s dystopia

RT @Ameeee In this, a brave new world, we travel in comatose dreams. A gramme of soma our carriage.

@Doc_Harding made use of our word’s rhyming potential in this definition

RT @Doc_Harding Cry yourself to sleep– lachrymose comatose. #artwiculate

And @emoticomma was on the same track with this re-working of an old saying

RT @emoticomma It is better to be lachrimose having loved than to be comatose never having loved at all #artwiculate #foodcomas

Since the word of the day has to do with a medical condition, a few hospital-centric tweets were only to be expected. Here’s @helacious

RT @helacious If the comatose snored, medical science would devote a lot more resources to waking them. #artwiculate

@Ysabeluna gave us a very nice, extended epitaph (with a medical twist perhaps)

RT @Ysabeluna RIP: MY Lady Comatose – she was spent , she passed out , and finally passed away , rigor mortis . #artwiculate

And, of course, the effects of alcohol played their part – in @mazpowles’s confession, for example

RT @mazpowles I go from verbose to comatose in 2.5 drinks.

And in this, from @poemblaze1

RT @poemblaze1 Warmed ~ by a bottle of vodka ~ he curled ~ into a comma, ~ comatose for hours. #artwiculate

Meanwhile, in the Artwicutrain @osmarjardim had nodded off (it’s that wild lifestyle he leads down in Brazil) 🙂

RT @osmarjardim Comatose in the train: missed the station.

@TiddK (and @helacious) were today’s top tweeter’s for my money. With @TiddK’s contributions, it was a difficult choice, but the historian in me plumped for this little tale

RT @TiddK Cosimo and Comatose Borgia were twins, but for some reason history only knows about Cosimo . #artwiculate

(I know “Euww it’s a sludgy day today” got a mass of retweets …)

I suppose you could see Tidd’s Borgias as examples of politics+WOTD, but there were others more direct. This from @fox2go for example

RT @fox2go #artwiculate Lethal combination: Comatose mind, bellicose mouth

And @dsceiorg had another of his appropriate collective nouns to share.

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: A downgrade of economies; A depression of voter turnouts; A comatose of non-voters #artwiculate

Perhaps it’s unfair to assume the comatose of mind are also the ones who complain … but that’s not quite what @bumfuzzled2004 says here

RT @bumfuzzled2004 comatose while moon is shining / sunrise brings the morning’s whining / just hit the floor and quit your pining #artwiculate #poem #poetry

Maybe I’m like @soarski ?

RT @soarski I’m comatose intolerant.

@runheidi shared a story of romance … sort of

RT @runheidi Jan & Joe are so in love; together they’re like hand in glove. While she is chronically verbose, his normal state is comatose. #artwiculate

But to wind up this round-up I can find no better tweet than the next from @FrankSiddarta who manages to weave several recent WOTDs into one Artwicutweet

RT @FrankSiddarta Hah! Supine, comatose – always on your back. You’re not going to wheedle out of this – and you can wipe that stupefied simper from your face

And that concludes the RT round-up for today!

Greetings to round-up new-comers @supaRabbit (who’s been playing Artwiculate off & on all year) & @emoticomma (an occasional player since April).

Thank you all. Hope you enjoyed the selection. Artwiculate says there’s 3 hours left, so Vote, vote, vote! Handing you back to @TheSupercargo. Bye!

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