Standby — July

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I’ve put off writing this July’s blog entry because I was hoping I would be able to do so at the same time as I launched the new look for the main website. Sadly I’m not there yet. The new theme is chosen and I’m getting closer to being able to publish it, but there […]

And so it’s June

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I’m very satisfied with my productivity in May – especially the last couple of weeks. My motivation is back and I am writing again. Over the last 13 or 14 months I have published almost weekly a blog entry At the Quill – my blog about writing, reading and self publication – for Blogg52, a […]

Might be May

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It might be May but I’m going to tell you a bit about my doings in April too as I managed to leapfrog over the month from March. I also wish to draw your attntion to the fact that this blog entry is going up on 1st May (just narrowly). Stand you not aghast? (I […]

March already

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Settling into life in Brussels hasn’t been easy. Few things work the way you expect (bureaucracy). Some things you take for granted are bust (oh the tears shed over our water supply) or just awkward (light fittings, curtains). And some things don’t work full stop. Other expats say “Welcome to Belgium!”