Fouad the Suave Zouave

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As his red pantaloons and braided blue vest, his flowerpot fez and his manner attest. He’s Fouad the suave Zouave.   All the girls sigh for his melting brown eyes, All the boys copy his manner streetwise. He’s Fouad the suave Zouave.   In the depths of the desert or on Paris streets, By the […]

Windmills in February

Windmills in February

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Mid-February already, and in fine weather the windmills alongside the canal along the Quai des Charbonnages in Molenbeek are spinning in the wind. High time for an update to this blog and an overview of developments and progress at TheSupercargo. I missed writing anything in January partly because my 2015 stocktaking came so late in […]

Tala’s Story

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Tala’s Story was written between 23rd and 30th January 2016 and was my submission to the first round of the NYCMidnight Short Story Challenge. The assignment for my group was to write a fairy story involving a psychic and a birthmark. Once there was a woman married to a man against his will. Her family […]

Taking stock 2015 - featured image - graffiti santa

Taking stock – 2015

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As we roll on down towards the end of the year, I have a feeling I ought to be doing some stock-taking. A year ago in December I was playing around with a new theme on this website and talking about Big Changes In Real Life. Well, they certainly made themselves felt. Since January my […]


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October – and now most of November – has been and gone and we roll on towards the end of another year. I have managed to keep up my weekly posts to Stops and Stories and my photo of the week from GBG365 posted on My Gothenburg Days’ Facebook page, but other projects have been […]

featured autumn colours

Autumn colours

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Outside it’s all autumn colours now. Assiduous followers of my various blogs (I know there are a couple) will have noticed that I am having difficulties keeping the front page of the main site updated. (The main site is – where you are now if you’re reading this.) Sadly despite all my efforts to […]

featured september

From summer to autumn

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The move back to Brussels from Gothenburg which took place at the end of August was very much like a move from summer to autumn. The days down here in Europe are noticeably and increasingly shorter, the temperature is cooler and there’s more rain in the air. Now, to be sure, we had remarkably good […]

Standby — July

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I’ve put off writing this July’s blog entry because I was hoping I would be able to do so at the same time as I launched the new look for the main website. Sadly I’m not there yet. The new theme is chosen and I’m getting closer to being able to publish it, but there […]

And so it’s June

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I’m very satisfied with my productivity in May – especially the last couple of weeks. My motivation is back and I am writing again. Over the last 13 or 14 months I have published almost weekly a blog entry At the Quill – my blog about writing, reading and self publication – for Blogg52, a […]