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Can of spam

Spam, spam, spam

Having erased four items of spam in comments this morning (and adjusted one I’m not sure about), I have now activated Akismet on this site. I am interested to see whether it makes any difference. Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short) is a collaborative effort to make comment and trackback spam a non-issue and restore innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again. It promises well. [And it delivers, too. Has sieved out four new pieces of spam since I activated it. (Writing on 23rd April.) ]

High wind in Gothenburg

Yesterday was a day of high winds. It was also the day the committee of our housing co-op (condominium) had designated as a day for Spring Cleaning. Dozens of residents and co-opted relatives gathered to rake last autumn’s leaves, pick scrap, dig weeds, prune and generally tidy up the grounds around our blocks of flats. In previous years this has been a very pleasant (if tiring) communal activity, which has wound up with a joint sausage grilling at our out-door grill. Yesterday though, the wind made a mockery of all our efforts and the sausage grilling turned into a semi-indoor affair with us workers crowded together in the lee of a garrage to eat our hotdogs and drink our coffee. … More…

Wultan warrior


On 16th April, the Artwiculate Word of the Day was wizen. This is a word of Old English origins, so it seemed appropriate to offer some fragments of cod Anglo-Saxon alliterative verse. As Wultan watched The wizen wizard wove his words, Warp and weft, wending, winding. His wizen wisdom’s yet worth wealth, Thought Wultan. Wultan warrior, Yet wept to witness war’s wreck, Wasted women and wizen weans. War for what, wondered Wultan. Wultan, Wotan’s worshipper was Yet willing to welcome wise words. Commands the White God’s man to speak. “Vewily, I say, Chwist is wizen!” The westron woman worked her wiles, Wrapped Wultan who waxed wondrously, But when the witch had had her way, How wizen was Wultan! Then Wultan … More…