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Confabulate: To talk together, converse, chat; in Psychiatry also means: to replace the gaps left by a disorder of the memory with imaginary remembered experiences consistently believed to be true.

This isn’t a real RT round-up, just a sketch of what might have been for today’s WOTD if I wasn’t too taken up with our election wake.

Not a particularly inspiring word, today’s WOTD (and yes, that IS sour grapes because got the form of the word wrong in my Artwicutweets from my non-Internet connected mobile phone).

But here are a few favourites I think particularly deserve my RT vote and a bit of extra exposure.

RT @TidKid @artwiculate “The word for today is confabulate” “It never was!” “Um, yes it was?” “Before my time” “So?” “Just saying” “OK”

I missed it too, @TidKid.

RT @lagadu123 Let’s confabulate about the early days on artwiculate, when all was fresh & rosy, and every winning tweet was worthy.

Ah yes. @lagadu123, I remember them well … Or perhaps I’m just confabulating? 🙂

RT @I2Haiku I always / block out / bad memories / and only recall the good / or confabulate them #artwiculate #gogyohka

RT @jumpmonk “Waiter, there’s a confabulate in my soup.””But of course, Sir. It’s what everyone’s talking about.”

RT @marcosarroyos Blessed are they who confabulate for we can all use a good story.

RT @Squawkingalah I’d be happy to confabulate all day. Failing that, quite happy to just fabulate.

RT @19ish Aesop was The Great Confabulate -r! His fables are legendary! #artwiculate

RT @ariandalen Ah, Mistress Confabulate: she’ll tell anyone who asks just how fabulous you are, even if she can’t remember you.

RT @drchavi To create one needs to confabulate…

RT @harrarp There they are again // the moon, the lake and the word // is confabulate. #haiku

RT @marcosarroyos Once the Chinese take over script writing for Hollywood, all scripts will have a stamp that says “Confabulate-d in China.”

RT @osmarjardim Confabulate-d in China. 上面写着“摆龙门阵在中国Ð MT@marcosarroyos

RT @runheidi Please, dear boy, confabulate. It’s really not a sin. When she asks if she looks fat, tell her she’s too thin. #artwiculate

RT @LorcanDesperado Confabulate? That certainly isn’t a rugged individualist habit. #artwiculate

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: A headache of late mornings; A surprise of bed companion; A confabulate of morning afters #artwiculate

And @dsceiorg, FYI, that last one made the list both for the use of the WOTD and for “A surprise of bed companion” 😀

RT @Wifsie Lady Chatter-ley watched speechless and akimbo while Lover Andy made his confabulate gumbo. #lqw

RT @ZimmerJohn The banter on Twitter is great-It carries on early or late-Thru the whole Twitterverse people chat & converse-In tweets do they confabulate.

And to follow up @zimmerjohn’s tweet with the next from @Ysabeluna seems only right!

RT @Ysabeluna to CONFABULATE is human, but often, SILENCE is divine #artwiculate

And that, my dears, is that. Had I planned things better I’d have begune with once upon a time and ended with happily ever after – but we all know that would have been a fabulation. Besides I’m ever so slightly tipsy and so’s @TheSupercargo to whom I’m handing back the baton – if he doesn’t drop it. Catch!

[RT @TheSupercargo @artwiculate Despite the rumours being spread by my evil dopplganger @TSupercargo I am not the worse for drink – only the better for it 🙂 ]

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