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Coruscate: To emit flashes of light; to sparkle

Good evening! Purely in alphabetical order of creator’s @name (because I have no time for a more detailed analysis – modest cough) …

… here comes @TheSupercargo’s alter ego for a quick, coruscating RT round up. My favourite top 20:

RT @ariandalen Ah, Mistress Coruscate: she’ll make you sparkle with every touch.

RT @chrisloft To coruscate, or not to coruscate. That is the reflection. Whether ’tis nobler to glitter in the eyes of men, gaudy like some fey bauble.

RT @dsceiorg Coruscate, Coruscate, Little plate, Now people can’t see what I ate.

RT @FrankSiddarta Jack Coruscate was an all-time great American writer with his own unique style.

RT @gilliewhitewolf ‘Coruscate’ ~ I guess it is a bit bright and showy, but it lacks the necessary sparkle found in ‘Scintillate’…

RT @HaikuGod I coruscate: therefore I am

RT @harrarp I can’t, I can’t, I can’t fit this coruscate into a sensible tweet. And I tried, yes I tried.

RT @JonPowles Coruscate? Which bright spark chose that?

RT @kado56 Why should you mind? Your pearlwords shimmer. You coruscate, Even the bears party, eyestars twinkle. Glister sister. We celebrate.

RT @marcosarroyos Gregor’s shell doesn’t exactly coruscate, but it does have a little sheen.

Turned out I had at least 4 more of @marcosarroyos artwicutweets among my shortlist of 40+, Gregor’s shell won by a shine.

RT @mazpowles @JonPowles Coruscate really makes me think of Dad. And not just because he was a pyromaniac.

RT @navinsasikumar What do you call a dated coruscate? An old flame

Oh @navinsasikumar! How I have missed your puns 🙂

RT @nedmw Coruscate : much flashier than roller skates

RT @osmarjardim All tweets will coruscate today but one of them will coruscate more. Why not this one?

RT @RortlyGoblins RIP Lady Coruscate – blinded in her own light – corsetted by her own stays – slashed by her by her razor sharp brilliance

RT @TiddK Magritte claps, and the train explodes into a billion shards destined forever to slowly rotate and coruscate in the sunlight
[And with this wonderful surreal image, our Tidd took the crown!]

RT @Tralala56 Coruscated pants: flared trousers

RT @urbanascetic Coruscate but remember it’s reflected glory #artwiculate #sixwords #poetry

RT @greenandorganic You can just whip up a lite coruscate of cream and yoghurt, adding blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, gently folded

RT @raindropforsale captured stars coruscate /within sanguine liquid /i take a sip /from my wine glass /filled with dreams #gogyohka

And that was number 20! Returning to my Rip van Winkle-like sleep.Till next time 🙂

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