Countenance #Magritte

MagritteOur friend and long-standing Artwiculati (not to mention Bartender at Salon Artwois), Harry Arp @harrarp has been forced away from the game for a while. Some of us chose to tweet for him, many using #Magritte to thread the tweets so he can find them when he comes back on line. Here’s a little selection from today’s crop.

RT @Tralala56 6° 1) Countenance 2) demeanour 3) composure 4) savoir-faire 5) craft 6) art #Magritte #artwiculate

RT @SJHatzi As the train absquatulated, the moon’s countenance shone bright in twilight’s velvet sky. #Magritte

RT @TiddK As the train left Absquatulate, its passengers prepared to face a long haul to the next stop, Countenance. @harrarp

RT @Wifsie The train pulled into Countenance in time for dinner. Chef Andy knew a lot was at steak. His first meal: he could not lose face. #magritte

RT @kado56 The train pulled into Countenance. The view was awful. Harry took out his rose tinted glasses. That put a new complexion on things#magritte

RT @Squawkingalah @harrap #Magritte The train pulled in to Countenance. All got out and gazed upon the face of the giant rabbit.

RT @Gardencomet #Magritte was a master of disguise and had a countenance for every occasion

RT @marcosarroyos Horror suddenly overcame #Magritte ‘s missing countenance when Mando silently shanked him in the femoral artery.

RT @beezknez With the countenance / of a mannequin, the Moon / gave Venus the slip/#magritte #artwiculate

RT @baccatum When I looked up, staring back at me in the mirror was the countenance of Rene #Magritte. That was surreal

Cheers, Harry! And hurry back soon!

Passing back to @TheSupercargo.
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