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Countenance: The face, especially when considered as expressing a person’s character or mood; Support or encouragement, sanction; composure, self-control; to tolerate, endure.
Greetings, Artwiculati! We greeted today’s word like desperate desert wanderers greet the sight of an oasis.

21 pages of tweets at the time of writing (22 at the time of sending) and still “about 2 hours left to tweet”.

I find I have “liked” over 120 tweets, but I must be rigorous in filtering them or I’ll be here all night.

(Though I’m sneaking in an extra round-up of #Magritte tweets.)

Surrealism aside for the moment, there were a number of references to mirrors of which the one that most impressed was tweeted by @not_a_player

It also appears to be lifted without credit from Daniel Raeburn (

Facing a mirror you see merely your own countenance; facing your child you finally understand how everyone else has seen you.

Mirrors, of course, also play a role in the vampire mythos. This explains the jump to the next tweet.

RT @AaronLivingston Countenance: Count Dracula’s lesser known, less thirsty, and some say comlier younger cousin. #artwiculate

And still in the realm of mythological creatures …

RT @Tralala56 He became a shadow of the man he used to be when his doppelganger lost his countenance.

And another myth where mirrors feature:

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: A splendor of Graces; An inspiration of Muses; A countenance of Gorgons #artwiculate #mythology

We look into mirrors to see merely ourselves, says Raeburn. Merely. What’s so mere about it?

RT @baccatum I really have to get to work on my appearance. I will not countenance this stomach, and I cannot stomach this countenance!

RT @mazpowles How did my countenance get so much older than me?

So of course this was an opportunity to consider the mereness of appearance:

RT @Gardencomet She bought her countenance at the counter and applied it with a trowel

RT @mwartwiculate Forming A Countenance Everyday #acrostic

RT @DrMobs Lunatic neon face / Flout canine acne / Countenance fail #anagrampoetry

RT @DarkHaikuMoon Look, mine wasn’t any good. In fact it was scary. I’ve borrowed your countenance. I know you never use it, it’s brand new, still in the box.

RT @lithiumzombie Rumor has it that whoever wins ‘countenance’ will receive an autographed picture of Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon.

RT @Wifsie Sir Percy’s countenance is the perfect disguise. His love for ties puzzles the most experienced spies. #thescarletpimpernel

And then, as several people noted, some appearances are a great deal less mere than others:

RT @ultracutebot geological countenance cluster: Mt. Rushmore

Appearance and religion also seem to go hand in hand. There were any number of references today to the Book of Proverbs

RT @BookofProverbs As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

I really don’t know what that means. Somewhat easier to appreciate was:

RT @yearning4d_sky Buddhas Countenance~calm, serene~never ceases~to inspire #haiku #artwiculate

Judging by the number of RTs @yearning4d_sky’s tweet has received today, I’m going to give that as the odds-on favourite for the crown.
[It won – can I say I told you so?! :-)]

My dictionary defines the first (of four) meanings of the WOTD as “the face, especially when expressing a person’s character or mood.”

Which is, of course exactly the sense which @yearning4d_sky uses. Here are some others.

RT @TiddK On the bleak barren shores of Despair, an old man of wrinkled & kindly countenance counsels Hope: “Onwards & Upwards dear one”.

RT @kuiperrrr ‘Will you marry me?’ / Her countenance says it all / I die a little #Artwiculate #Haiku

RT @kado56 Ever surprised countenance, open, close that little mouth. Aquatulate, fishface!

And with the same sense but in avery different vein today’s best tongue-twister:

RT @Schnicka Countessa Constance Constanse’s constant countenance constantly counterpoised Count Con Constantine’s constipated countenance. #artwiculate

If that was long, this is short:

RT @ecoflic Happy countenance! ^_^

But there are other sense for the word than just face …

RT @JonPowles Tried to think up something really clever for ‘countenance’, but I just couldn’t face it. Or put up with it, for that matter.

RT @sac666 Artwiculate to give your tweets a intelligent Countenance

RT @Squawkingalah The Queen was in her countenance, countenout her money.

This next one was tweeted quite early in the day and I don’t think it has received the appreciation it deserves.

RT @smeedha Countenance: The count’s face twitched as he offered penance.

Here’s a nice idiom play from @californiakara

RT @californiakara Corporal Countenance did a lovely about-face before saluting General Malcontent.

And finally (for this set of tweets) I want to puff @emmaexpress’s literary reference:

RT @emmaexpress If this were a word association game, I’d see ” countenance ” and say “Jane Austen”.

Greetings to new players @DarkHaikuMoon @Schnicka and @sac666 (and @sac666, get yourself an Artwiculate profile!!)

That’s my round up for the game … but hang on a little longer there’s a surreal round-up of #Magritte tweets following soon!
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