Desultory – Artwiculate round up from 23 April 2010

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Desultory: Moving fitfully from one subject to another, unmethodical, disconnected; occuring in a random or incidental way, haphazard.

Bedazzled as ever by the wit of the Artwiculati, I prepare to take my desultory promenade through some of my top choice tweets of the day.

The WOTD was desultory, which (despite Artwiculate) only meant circus artists “Leaping or skipping about” a very long time ago. I’ve already registered a complaint so won’t go on about it. Instead I’ll share @harrarp’s clever use of the etymology.

RT @harrarp A desultory caveat: if you cannot ride more than one horse at a time, you shouldn’t join the circus.

As this was 23rd April and so Shakespeare’s putative birthday and certain deathday, @SJHatzi instigated a parallel game.

Alongside the WOTD, some also tried to use bedazzled, maybe a coinage of the bard’s. (He seems to be the first to have used it in print.)

For example …

RT @baccatum Bewitched, bedazzled and bewildered, by your impulsive, desultory ways.

RT @minibtweet Bemused, bedazzled or baffled by the desultory speeches of prince Hamlet ‘To be or not to be’ #artwiculate

The 23rd April is Shakespeare’s traditional birthday, but in typical-for-the-time desultory fashion, there’s no actual record of his birth. The records do show him being baptised on 26th April 1564, though, so his birth on the 23rd is quite likely. It might as well be true. There is no doubt that he died on 23rd April 1616, but a birthday is so much more cheerful – not to say bedazzling – than a deathday.

Enough of the literary history! You can tell I have the soul of a teacher, can’t you. 🙂 Let’s get back to the WOTD. Here’s @pranavmukul’s definiton:

RT @pranavmukul Desultory : He came, he saw, he dithered.

And now, some illustrative uses:

RT @Squawkingalah Desultory, c’est moi. Desultorily darting hither and thither in the brain fog. Focus, focus!

RT @gwynethatschool My students’ brains seem to flicker like desultory lightbulbs – not the energy saver sort. There’s a lot of heat for something kinda dim

RT @kado56 I had a tendency to view life as a sort of desultory game of hopscotch until…..I stepped on a crack
[This tweet garnered the most points during the day and @kado56 was duly raised from her desultory game of hopscotch to the Artwiculate throne.]

RT @Tralala56 When the ringmaster accused Madge of being desultory, she took it very personally. Aimless, indeed! She sharpened her knives in a rage.

RT @tWordBird The early bird goes on a desultory peregrination every morning to get her worms.

RT @TiddK The desultory bird catches the worm .. or maybe it’s a twig .. or perhaps it was yesterday .. so, what’s on TV? . #artwiculate

RT @ansjens my mind is as desultory as the atoms of a boiling liquid. random. jumping. i can’t focus on anything right now.

And not so far removed, here are som poetic plays on the WOTD:

RT @BurningHawk1969 Desultory Barbie, surrounded by her beautiful play worlds, still hollow inside. #artwiculate

RT @mwartwiculate Staring into the heavens, he discerns shapes of animals and men, whilst others see only the desultory peg board of stars #artwiculate

And that looks a lot like a first tweet from @mwartwiculate, so Welcome!

RT @dmriver lifts her head, sad sniff ~ running shoes again, slumps down ~ desultory dog

RT @StarOfSavannah Fragmented self/ Alienated girl/ Desultory me/ My reflection in a shattered mirror/ Mercurial temper steady as the wind

RT @dsceiorg Failed scavenger hunt / Leaping lizards, sands of time … fog? / Desultory quest #haiku #artwiculate

Not sure what that was about, but I liked it.

RT @imjustjillh desultory decades…days still dauntingly difficult…spinning me in circles… driving me down…#artwiculate #desultory

That last was also a pretty good tongue twister. (Try saying it aloud at speed!)

And here is our self-confessed mad scientist, @DrMobs who also has a talent for anagram poetry.

RT @DrMobs Gut in, soldier Fry!/Ye roil, gun drifts,/Desultory firing./for lustier dying,/Do try using rifle! #anagrampoetry

The next tweet takes up a very serious issue for all of us Internet socialites:

RT @hfeaga he lost his dongle / so he could never connect / his second life became desultory #haiku #senry #artwiculate

Which of us has not feared the loss of his or her dongle? I know I have.

Other losses today include @mazpowles greater consciousness.

RT @mazpowles I used to read novels. Then age and motherhood fried my brain. Now 140 characters is the limit for my desultory consciousness.

And, of course, the departure of one of our star players, could not pass unmourned

RT @SJHatzi I miss your desultory wit leaping from balladry to bawdry quip to truths only a heart can intuit

Let’s wind things up with some more humour.

RT @marcosarroyos Blessed are the desultory for they shall discourage even the most determined of proselytizers.

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Desultory – He jumped to his conclusion. #artwiculate

RT @goldenskye Q. Why did you take so much luggage for such a short holiday? A. I packed for desultory weather.

RT @kuiperrrr The desultory thief generally ends up in de-solitary confinement #artwiculate

My last tweet comes from @OpelDHell who has been playing for about a month I think.

RT @OpelDHell her math was so desultory, she counted in random numbers #artwiculate

Today I had three of her tweets in my short list including K.O. and the meanderthals. it was hard to choose, but I liked this the best.

Ladies, gentlemen and those desultory or bedazzled few who still aren’t sure, thank you for your attention!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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