Developments aboard

In between keeping up with the British elections and Artwiculate, I’ve also been working on this site.

I’ve posted enough content, old and new, that I thought it worthwhile to install YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). This little widget means you’ll now see (I hope) a few “suggestions for further reading” at the bottom of each blog entry. [4th July 2012: YAARP seems to have died. Am removing it from the site for the time being.]

I’ve also added a rolling list of links to other people’s blogs and sites. These are places that I am currently dropping in on, reading, viewing, or that otherwise interest me. I actually have about 20 links in the list at present and I can see it growing exponentially, so this is a way of sharing without overwhelming. Each time you reload the page, you’ll get a different list of links in the righthand column. Neat! (The plugin is called Better Blogroll)

Do go and visit some of the sites I link to. They’re fun and by interesting people too.

Further developments aboard ship

Today I added an RSS button and a “subscribe by e-mail” form in the right-hand column under my welcome note. Not really happy about the design or placement yet, but there they are if anyone wants to use them.

Adding past material, I’m trying especially to include my scrimshaws (videos and games, mostly). These will eventually be nicely linked from my Scrimshaws page. (See the link up at the head of the page above the banner.) Nothing of much interest there yet, but coming soon.

Ah, and as I mentioned the banner, there are now 5 or 6 banner pictures that rotate randomly whenever you refresh the page. Just for a little more variety.


Revisited and revised for spelling and SEO fine-tuning. Featured image added. Most of the references are here are now long out of date, but I leave it up for the sake of completion. 23rd March 2017.

2 thoughts on “Developments aboard”

  1. Hello

    Just dropped in and found a lot of development. A nice tag cloud coming along, RSS and new cool banner images.

    Lots of work I am sure!!

    PS! Like your blogroll, good thinking. I might add one myself (I haven’t started on a link collection, not wanting a 100 links long list, nor discriminating anyone. This is a neat solution I think).

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