Spent yesterday (betwixt and between other things) learning how to make static pages. Will continue with this today. Trying to see what I can make in Dreamweaver to import as code to static pages. The padding is a problem.

Still tweaking the front page and the header. Puzzled that the header image now seems to be so pixilated. Original picture is not, nor was it displayed as such to begin with. Solved!

At least I’ve worked out how to change the colour of the headers in the columns left and right. Still can’t see how to do it in the main column though.

3 thoughts on “Developments”

  1. Hi there,

    Nice to see the development!
    The header image isn’t pixilated in my end.

    Impressed about the change in colour change – how did you do it?

    • No, turned out to be the browser I was using. (Opera – I must have switched the “Turbo” version on by accident -it’s for slow connections and reduces the quality of pictures etc to make downloading faster.)

      Just at the moment I’m trying to find how to switch off Blogroll as you suggested. Any guidance?

      OK! I found Links – got rid of that.

  2. Hello,

    Glad you found it, I wasn’t quick enough to guide you. If you want to be listed on different blog-top lists, you need to turn links on (but can bin the different default links).
    I notice that you have removed you RSS-thing from the header as well.

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