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Dexterous : Skillful with one’s hands; Skillful in some specific thing; Right-handed (from original Latin – old fashioned); Opposite of sinister/left-handed.

Greetings Artwiculati! Welcome to yet another selection of fine tweets, dexterously selected by @TheSupercargo and his sinister alter ego.

Artwiculate’s definition of todays WOTD, though it stressed the importance of skill, left out of the equations two important aspect but the Artwiculati were swift to correct the error. Indeed, of my favourite 21, by far the majority reference hands and left/rightness.

RT @19ish After the hand transplant, Dexterous discovered that two lefts DO NOT make a right! #artwiculate

Now I have a picture in my head of a botched hand transplant. That’s going to haunt my dreams tonight, @19ish!

RT @bookdreamer Dexterous Business Consultancy – for when your left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

I think that’s a really business good name and slogan. Hope @bookdreamer thought to registered it.

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate Artwiculate victory tends to go to the dexterous, since they will make fewer typos with their cell hone keybaed.

Every normal sized adult who believes mobile phones are increasingly designed for the hands of young children, should vote for @LBY3’s tweet!

Opposable thumbs are, of course, one of those things that mark us out as primates, though mini mobile keyboards seem intent on erasing that.

You never know, soon other animals may be able to use the bloody things just as well, if not better.

RT @helacious My dexterous cat with opposable thumbs/Could count on his pawpads and do complex sums.

But perhaps we have only ourselves to blame. Taking up the computer keyboard so whole-heartedly in the first place. What have we lost?

RT @lagadu123 Used to love to write by hand / Fluidity of ink on page / Easy effortless characters / Dexterous – casualty of the keyboard age

And in our brains to – here’s a point to ponder from @osmarjardim

RT @osmarjardim “The rt half of the brain controls the left half of the body. Ths means that only left handed ppl R in their rt mind.” #dexterous

The right-and/or-left-hand issue can also be characterised (latinately) as the Sinister issue – as in the next tweet from @JonPowles

RT @JonPowles There’s nothing sinister about “dexterous”.

And it’s also hinted at in this one from @Ameeee

RT @Ameeee My right hand used to be far more dexterous, but my left hand has taken over, like an evil twin!

As a Swede (ish) I must also puff this from @ariandalen.

RT @ariandalen Let the Dexterous One In #FailedMovieTitleTranslations #artwiculate

Clearly, you want to let in the Right one and not the Sinister one, don’t you?

And from Vampires to Epitaphs:

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Dexterous – Sitting at the right hand of God. #artwiculate

To get back to Artwiculate’s senses of the word, let’s pass through the sense of skilful with ones hands:

RT @asim7asim Dexterous : Handy Word Of The Day #artwiculate

Indeed it is!

RT @mazpowles The blokes in my town don’t understand why the girls call the handyman ‘Dexterous Dan’. Most of his carpentry is pretty shoddy.

Oh there were a number of plays on this sense of the WOTD today, but @mazpowles’s made me smile. And @runheidi’s:

RT @runheidi He’s dexterous in the kitchen; in the boudoir he can’t be beat. He’s superman under the covers, AND he can fold a fitted sheet!

RT @TOCSY1 Why was the robot so dexterous? Fine ~motor~ skills, of course.

RT @ten_ten_ten hands / sweet as sugar / dexterous dextrose #artwiculate

I tried but failed to find a way myself to combine dexterous dextrose and so salute @ten_ten_ten for that one.

This is a word game, so lets be dexterous with words now.

RT @chemingineer Dexterous with words but clumsy with feelings; he won #artwiculate but not her heart.

Ah, yes. The gift of the gab doesn’t necessarily promise anything else.

RT @twilobite22 He was incredibly dexterous of word, but a fisherman? Oy vey! In the end all we feasted on was a tale: the one that got away.

Here was a use of the word I didn’t see coming. A wonderful little epigram from @kado56

RT @kado56 This fabulous work of art I see unfold before my eyes/ a dexterous stitched embroidery upon a tissue of lies.

The next is a poem from @CreoleEloquence. See those hands, twisted and lost to skill.

RT @CreoleEloquence Stiffened knuckles greet this dark morn with scorn. Fist shadows scuffle til dawn. In the end, I found a dexterous soul. #artwiculate

I also liked this from @lawyergirl3

RT @lawyergirl3 Ineffable heart – knotted by dexterous hands ~a bowtie of serendipity

Finally I wanted to share this reminder from @SJHatzi

RT @SJHatzi While we complained of everything we cannot do, Christy Brown painted w/ his left foot. Who cannot be dexterous, tell me, who?

Nuff said.

No newcomers to either the game or the round-up today, so I’ll content myself with a general greeting to everyone.

Thank you all for your tweets and your attention. About 3 hours left to tweet and vote.

Dexterously handing you back to @TheSupercargo. Bye! 🙂

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    • Hello Aleks! Sometimes even Artwiculate doesn’t know the definition of its own words – today’s for instance (idiocrasy), but we enjoy playing it even so. Hope some of the tweets from my fellow Artwiculati raise a smile.

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