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Dispositive: Directed toward or effecting a disposition (as of a legal case); relating to a disposition of property; providing a final resolution (as of an issue), having control over an outcome, settlement.

From one “bum” word to another. Artwiculate served us up another bit of legalese as WOTD and loud were the cries of protest.

I shall skip over the more repetitative of these (having picked better, alternate tweets from the wailing authors).

The following, were the absolute best of the protests:

RT @Squawkingalah Dispositive is a dry word. It is dessicated. You need to blow the dust off it before you pick it up.

RT @Eridanus 6° of Propinquity: 1° Dispositive 2° Can’t start there! 3° Oval 4° It’s not cricket! 5° Samantha smiles 6° Mornington Crescent!

(And that reference is going to be lost on a whole swath of people, but I got it and laughed.)

Some people were happy with the WOTD, though for different reasons:

RT @mazpowles Vocab has really improved in my class since we’ve been playing artwiculate. Someone changed the sign on the bin to dispositive receptacle.

RT @ajeanne It was only the dispositive clock that saved us from more callipygian-themed Twitter icons. Thank you, Clock! 🙂

I went off and looked up the WOTD myself and found the Concise Oxford (from about 1930, I guess) has “Obsolete?” Well, is clearly isn’t.

It’s alive and well and living in legal terminology. Something many Artwiculati picked up on.

RT @harrarp How many lawyers does it take to make a dispositive haiku?

RT @OpelDHell the lascivious lawyer found the judge’s motion dispositive-ly appealing #artwiculate

RT @urbanascetic Friendly court, dispositive finding ~ Justice served? #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

RT @lithiumzombie “I’ve had a dispositive childhood.” / “Why, were your parents divorced?” / “Yes – and they were both lawyers.”

RT @lomnoir if the question is moot, the answer is dispositive.

RT @lawyergirl3 To err, is human. To blame it on someone else, dispositive. #artwiculate

I reason, if anyone is using this word correctly then @lawyergirl3 must be 🙂

RT @treesahquiche I imagine Thoth and Anubis as the afterlife’s jury, examining every dispositive detail of your life and weighing it all on a scale.

RT @TiddK King Solomon’s judgement: “Cut the baby in two, each have half”. The real mother was dispositive. “SHE can have him.” She won.

RT @helacious The motion created a wave of dispositive antifeedback,causing an unprecedented acoustic event dat forced d courtroom 2 implode

RT @JonPowles The committee joined a dispositive motion with a pronegative order, but the mood remained far from electrifying.

RT @MaryJenkins Judgment affected by dispositive notions/Life unbalanced like ships in the oceans/She wants to appeal but just goes through the motions #Art

RT @SJHatzi Dispositive Action: The retweeting parties hereby move to heretofore abrogate any & all repugnant locutions from lexical competitions.

(Most appropriate legal avatar Silia!)

At some point @mazpowles checked and discovered that “Shakespeare never used” the WOTD. According to my OED, though, Chaucer did.

I’ve been unable to find an example. All I know is, he didn’t use it in artwiculate’s sense. Some of us, on the other hand, have tried:

RT @TinaNguyen The chess master’s dispositive cry: checkmate! #artwiculate

RT @corpofcorpseskk Packing up my bags/A dispositive action/I glance at the door #artwiculate #haiku

RT @jonahhphoto is it bliss / writing / dispositive memoirs / fixing an unhappy life #artwiculate#micropoetry

RT @lagadu123 Recommendations made to adolescent offspring are more likely to be disregarded than dispositive. Save your breath.

RT @baccatum The Dispositive Musketeers: “All for one, and Once and for All!”
[This was the dispositive tweet – the one that settled the matter and won @baccatum the crown. Though actually Scott shared the title with @agezoko (tweet not featured here).]

RT @ariandalen Will the finale of “Lost” be dispositive? #artwiculate

RT @mwartwiculate Dispositive suppository. Now that really is the end of the matter. #artwiculate

RT @LorcanDesperado Ninjitsu often / yields dispositive results / quite quickly attained. #artwiculate #ninja #haiku

Which leaves us with a small collection of desperate malapropisms, puns and mispronunciations:

RT @brightmatrix Charges of [an] aggravated battery: “Look here, it’s friggin easy: dispositive, disnegative. Got it?!” #artwiculate

RT @Haiku_Master The electron was dispositive. #artwiculate

RT @dmriver Forget the negative square route, try dispositive imaginary i.

RT @californiakara Mom: You’re sure? Toddler: Yes. Mom: You’re positive? Toddler: Yes! Mom: How positive? Toddler: DISpositive Mom!

From the mouths of babes and sucklings (transmitted via @californiakara)!

Let’s draw a veil over this sorry word and hope for better things tomorrow.

A few quick words of greeting to newcomer @jonahhphoto and player of 10 days standing @corpofcorpseskk,

Greetings also occasional players @brightmatrix and @helacious, and to @lawyergirl3 who I think I’m RT’ng for the first time.

So, for @TheSupercargo’s doppelganger, that disposes of the matter for today. Glad I managed a round-up. Till next time, chums!

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