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Draconian : Of or resembling a dragon (obsolete except in fiction and Artwicutweets); Very severe, oppressive or strict.

Greetings, Artwiculati! Rather out of my and @TheSupercargo’s comfort zone this evening, working on a borrowed computer.

Nevertheless, the draconian pressure of my desire to tweet yet another RT round-up cannot be denied.

Today’s word gave us a fine collection of tweets to rummage among. Not surprisingly, Dragons were much in evidence.

My heart particularly went out to @TiddK’s dragon called Ian

RT @TiddK Ian the dragon was very sad. Whoever was going to be scared of a dragon called Ian? #DraconIan #artwiculate

And in @dsceiorg’s dungeon, we found Puff

RT @dsceiorg Perdiccas, we will need to switch to more draconian measures. “Yes, sir, I’ll get Puff. He is still in Honalee?” #artwiculate

@beezknez shared a sad tale about Drac

RT @beezknez Drac short for Dragon?had fallen off the wagon?Under Draconian law punishment was Community Service?Kitchen Hand for Vlad the Impaler

@Elixir_Z gave us a conversation between George and the Dragon

RT @Elixir_Z Come on, Dragon, let’s get a drink and talk about it, said St George. “I know a pub you’ll like – the measures are strictly draconian.”

@LBY3 envisioned draconarchy

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate Draconian: Why you’re pretty much doubly screwed if your country is run by dragons.

And is France perhaps a country run by dragons, @emmaexpress?

RT @emmaexpress The more draconian the rule, the more fun it is to break it. #canyoutellIliveinFrance? #artwiculate

RT @twilobite22 The draconian ruler was nothing but a darn icon. #anagram#3

@twilobite22 gave us three nice anagrams – that was my favourite.

@harrarp used the WOTD to reflect on current US political conditions

RT @harrarp For 50 points, fingers on the buzzer, who was the odd one out at the tea party: Draconian, Apollonian or Sarahpalian?

In respect of the dragons who rule @SJHatzi had this suggestion

RT @SJHatzi Anyone passing laws (draconian or not), or deciding to go to war should first be willing to test it on their first-born.

Nice idea, Silia, but I fear it will take a particulary draconian Old Testament God to make that happen

Finally in this sequence, @pegasuepy asked a pertinent question

RT @pegasuepy Draconian rules? Where is this place Draconia anyway?

Moving away from politics, @ariandalen drew our attention to the sleeping dragon beneath our feet

RT @ariandalen Buildings shake and sway ~ A draconian shudder ~ Dreaming in deep earth. #artwiculate #haiku

And (this is a bit of a lame segue, but chthonic means underworld so) @eilonwya10 shared the following

RT @eilonwya10 The chthonic appalls the Apollonian: too much bacchanalia makes them go all draconian. #artwiculate

Children and the WOTD seemed to go together as well, in school and out. Let’s kick off with @marcosarroyos

RT @marcosarroyos Conficius say: Children with draconian parents enjoy making trouble

And – a warning to just those parents from @alex_auron

RT @alex_auron Raise children in a draconian way; but don’t be surprised to see them grow scales and expel fire from their mouths at each other.

But children can be small dragons even without drac0nian parents as @mazpowles can testify

RT @mazpowles Kids are really draconian. I asked a class to design the ‘perfect classroom’ half of them had a dungeon with torture chamber. #truestory

On the other hand as several Artwiculati noted, teachers may also be draconic. Here’s @JonPowles on the subject

RT @JonPowles There was an English schoolmaster/whose rules were quite draconian/His nickname for his favourite cane/was “Roger, Old Etonian”

Literary children dipped their toes in the Artwiculate stream too, here’s a Potter-related tweet from @Tralala56

RT @Tralala56 Draco Malfoy was draconian about mudbloods. That’s what made him so dislikeable! #wellchosencharacternames

Definitions next, from @silverne, @Ameeee, @TOCSY1 and @asim7asim

RT @silverne Draconian : Days of depression #artwiculate

I liked @silverne’s because of the alliteration as well as the image which certainly strikes a chord with me

RT @Ameeee Draconian measures: Women’s clothing sizes.

RT @TOCSY1 Draconian dinner menu: Gruel and unusual punishment…

RT @asim7asim Draconian : cruelty of snakes. #artwiculate

And I liked @asim7asim’s because it reminds me the word for dragon and snake in the old Germanic languages is the same (Orm).

@19ish slipped a reference to The Bard into a funny slogan

RT @19ish At Draconian Drycleaning, if a spot won’t come out, we just cut it out! Out, damned spot! Out, I say! #artwiculate
[And won a crown in the process!]

And @BurningHawk1969’s Barbie made me think of Susan, DEATH’s granddaughter in the Discworld

RT @BurningHawk1969 Draconian Barbie chases the monster back under the bed and kicks its ass. #artwiculate

Here’s another literary reference from @helacious – brought a Swed-ish smile to my face.

RT @helacious Draconian standards in marching band. One bad day on the drums and I was out. The Girl With the Draggin’ Tattoo, they called me.

@FrankSiddarta gave us a comic image of a dragon girl

RT @FrankSiddarta I knew a girl, draconian – her heart made from zirconium – and when she spoke – her words aflame – in clouds of pure ammonium

While @Ysabeluna gave us a much more serious little love poem

RT @Ysabeluna \ i touch you \ i felt glass \ so close, yet remote \ you’re on my screen\ draconian pain\ #artwiculate #Gpoem #gogyohka

Finally I’ll wind up this round-up with @OsmarJardim’s plaintive tweet.

RT @OsmarJardim Yesterday macabre. Today draconian. And love, happiness, peace … when?

And on that note, I thank you all for your attention!

Greetings to occasional Artwiculator @pegasuepy who appears in the round-up for the first time.

Greetings also to @Elixir_Z – a newcomer to the game I believe.

That’s me done for today. Handing you back to @TheSupercargo now. (Exits pursued by dragons).

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