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Dragnet: A weighted net dragged across the bottom of a pond, lake or other body of water to collect things; very thorough search by law-enforcement officers to capture suspects; the title of a long-running American TV police series.
Artwiculati! Welcome to an RT round-up from the dragnet of @TheSupercargo’s back-brain recluse. A swan song? A flying visit? The beginning of return to form? Time will tell! The sheer volume of fun puns drags me out of my brown study for this one – and a plethora of new names too.

Even those of us (me and him) who have never seen an episode recognised the WOTD as the title of an early cop-show. I now know “Just the facts, ma’am” is a catch phrase therefrom. Once again the Artwiculati help me expand my general knowledge.

But, here’s the only direct reference to Dragnet-the-show I’m sharing tonight … from Conficus (aka @marcosarroyos)

RT @marcosarroyos Conficius say: Man who like to watch original Dragnet not need color TV.

There’s no arguing with that! Next up, here’s a police-related joke from @zladyjoker

RT @zladyjoker How many law officials does it take to dragnet? #artwiculate

This from @AaronLivingston takes us from law to pun

RT @AaronLivingston Why did the harbor patrol captain step down as a recruit trainer? He let too many flounder through their dragnet. #artwiculate

There were so many glorious puns today I was really spoiled for choice. Here comes a small selection of favourites.

Another crime related one from @folded

RT @folded APB: hammerhead jimmy, tommy the loach wanted over murder of john dory. Despite massive dragnet police have turned up only red herrings.

Then this one from @SJHatzi

RT @SJHatzi Dragnet? That’s a lure ring.

Which I’ll follow with this from @drng

RT @drng The stocking thief exposed a hole in the police dragnet when he did a runner #artwiculate

Which brings us to stockings and drag queens, of which there was a plentiful crop today. Here’s @Doc_Harding

RT @Doc_Harding When dressing in drag, net stockings are de rigueur. #dragnet #artwiculate

And @Salvor_Hardin_ had a question

RT @Salvor_Hardin_ #artwiculate Do cross dressing fishermen use a dragnet?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I did like the play @kings_indian made with this theme

RT @kings_indian Count Dragula awaits victims with dragnet stalkings.

And as we’re still half in the warderobe here’re a pair of tweets from @MaltaGoddess and @Anamuk

RT @MaltaGoddess The only dragnet a girl needs is a corset, chéries.

RT @Anamuk The corset isn’t the dragnet, its the cleavage it creates @MaltaGoddess

But what IS a dragnet when it’s not a TV series? @eddroy has one suggestion

RT @eddroy Internet dragnet: Google search engine. #artwiculate

And @antipodeannemo has another (I had to check the meaning of troll before I got this one!)

RT @antipodeannemo Dragnet ~ a tweet with intention to troll #artwiculate

And then there’s the possiblity that @smeedha offers

RT @smeedha The dragon who fell in love with the dragnet… He was ensnared before he realised it.

Which leads me on to this one from @mazpowles

RT @mazpowles Puff the Magic Dragnet lived by the sea. Didn’t frolic much, but you can’t have everything.

OK, so really it’s a kind of fishing net (which if it hasn’t been banned probably ought to be) but what can the Artwiculati do with that?

There weren’t many successful poetic efforts today, I thought, but these from @Qyntara and @erinvk both came close and caught my eye

RT @Qyntara Cast the dragnet far and wide/Then let us look at what’s inside/Slime and mud, things that have died/And creatures that do wish to hide.

RT @erinvk I drew the dragnet of my mind across the ocean of my soul and to be honest, was unimpressed with what came up. Song lyrics & phone numbers.

In a completely different context I also liked @oldbankcygnet’s desperate tweet from the kitchen

RT @oldbankcygnet Tried muslin, sieve, a seine net and now resorting to dragnet – damned lumpy gravy #artwiculate

Been there, done that – no, not really, not to that extreme

Several people tried to trap Twitter in the net, but I liked @rogthewolfhound’s effort the best

RT @rogthewolfhound Yikes, is that the fail whale entangled in the dragnet? #artwiculate

Meanwhile @gavroche made elegant use of today’s birthday boy.

RT @gavroche No dragnet could catch Erich Weiss (Harry Houdini) on his 137th birthday. #artwiculate #HarryHoundFromBudapest

Then, here’s a literary reference from @AequoEtBono

RT @AequoEtBono Oberon’s search: “Dragnet by moonlight, proud Titania” (aka an APB, All Pucks Bulletin) #artwiculate

And I’ll follow that with this pop science reference from @JonPowles

RT @JonPowles “Holy Boson, Batman! Call off the dragnet; she’s trapped in this box!” “We can’t be sure, Robin. This is Schrödinger’s Catwoman”

Getting near the end now. Here’s a spoken pun from @EscapedPenguin

RT @EscapedPenguin When carryin’ it ain’t gonna work, you gots no option but dragnet #artwiculate

(Spoken pun? I must be getting tired – can’t think what this is properly called! Help anyone?)

And so, my final retweet of the night/day. I though this was brilliant – from @Colvinius

RT @Colvinius Mad fish caught by dragnet: in seine?
Clearly I wasn’t the only one who thought this was a really good play with the word. It won @Colvinius the daily crown!

Think about it!

So many new people in this round-up, I’m just going to wave a greeting to everyone generally and hope you’ll accept it in the positive spirit in which it is intended.

That’s all from me, folks. Handing back to @TheSupercargo. Ciao!

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