Effluvium – Artwiculate round up from 22 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Effluvium: Unpleasant smell or exhalation, as of gaseous waste or from decaying matter. Also, in very limited medical sense, a condition causing extreme hair loss (Telogen effluvium).

As darkness falls, a miasma rises, spreading an effluvial stench. There’s something rotten in the state of Artwiculate and it smells like *dark organ music* @TSupercargo’s RT round-up! *crescendo* (I’m sorry about that. Just trying to live up to the Word of the Day!)

RT @LorcanDesperado effluvium is not as much fun as a seraglio.

RT @mazpowles Sure, the seraglio was fun, but by midnight the effluvium was suffocating.

Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course, but …

RT @lithiumzombie Better to light one matchstick than to curse the effluvium.

Well said! And here at Artwiculate, we have a whole box of matches to strike. For instance, the format itself:

RT @Anamuk The 140 character limit helps control textual effluvium

You see, positive thinking!

RT @EccleStoned To predict effluvium is a lot of gaswork.

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Effluvium – He ran out of gas. #artwiculate

RT @bwlightning carpe effluvium ~ seize the nose #artwiculate

RT @tWordBird The early bird gets the worm – which leads to foul later-day effluvium. :-p

Can you put a date on the WOTD? @harrarp?

RT @harrarp The effluvium is the period between the antedeluvium and the delerium when Puff the mighty dragons roamed the Earth.

And here’s a word from the science desk:

RT @asim7asim alcohol in space ~ invention or discovery? ~ Effluvium, I think #haiku #artwiculate

Still with science, (biology this time) and firmly back on earth …

RT @celticgladiator gastric bloating, Effluvium floating, nausea wallows, vomit follows, bowel irritate, stench penetrate

And now, a word from our sponsors:

RT @TiddK Effluvium for Men : an inert spray which lets your own odour … impinge. “Because You’re Earthy”

RT @BurningHawk1969 @bwlightning Effluvium Barbie; comes with cheap perfume and a bottle of vodka. #artwiculate (Thank you!)

Later in this evening’s viewing (and remember the scratch and smell card that came with your copy of this week’s TVTimes) …


RT @kuiperrrr A Smelly Thing Happened on the Way to the Effluvium #artwiculate #musicalflops

RT @pn8r The new comedian Effluvium had a bad debut. He put on airs and stunk up the joint.


RT @gBaYgUrL As the smile leaves your face, it’s obvious she’s taken my place. Stop with your effluvium of lies, it’s too late for goodbyes
[And this was the tweet that made Leslee Queen of the Day]

Crime scene investigation

RT @kado56 Haven’t the foggiest. D.I.Wai crouched by the bubbling effluvium wreathed corpse. “We might find the killer – don’t hold your breath.”

Reality Soap

RT @Ysabeluna a baby’s effluvium / to a mom, a perfume/ unlike hubby’s fart/ ugh! foul gas ad nauseum/ #poetry


RT @baccatum In school at Eton, his effluvium was politely overlooked by others of the upper crust. After all, he was from a very effluential family.


RT @JonPowles Amid the corporeal effluvium at the moment of death, one can catch the crisp smell of the soul becoming one with the world

And finally, to round off the evening, the latest TV film thriller

RT @marcosarroyos As you might imagine, when the Werewolf of London changes back into a man, the effluvium is horrendous.

Enjoy the evening, folks, and dont worry about the smell outside, or the piles of hair. Keep your doors and windows shut.

Our efficient clean-up team will be removing the effluvium during the night and tomorrow we will have a fresh new word!

And now, back to @TheSupercargo …

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