Elision – Artwiculate round up from 29 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Elision: Principally the omission in the spoken language of a syllable or vowel at the beginning or end of a word; in the written language, when the Latin alphabet is used, elision is conventionally indicated with an apostrophe. Any omission of a part or parts.

I considered not doing my RT round-up today as practical demonstration of the WOTD.

Then I realised that would be more radical than the elision of a part, closer to the deletion of a whole.

So, here comes another 15 minutes of educated editorialising and analysis (or Pedantry and Prejudice as my wife has taken to calling it).

First off, I’d like @ecoflic’s help in underlining the principle meaning of the WOTD:

RT @ecoflic Elision is defined as “the omission of a letter or syllable between two words; sometimes marked with an apostrophe”, y’know?

Or in other words…

RT @baccatum Elision: Excision, due to Consonantal Drift.

Not just in English, either:

RT @joeknaack Famous elision from the international language of love… je t’aime #artwiculate

But I find myself wondering with @LorcanDesperado …

RT @LorcanDesperado Wha’ d’ y’ call it when y’elid’ an elision?

That last might qualify for the award. Or how about

RT @BurningHawk1969 I c’n f’r’see s’me un”tellig”le tw”ts of elision comin’ up. #artwiculate

The award? No, not the Artwiculate crown the …

RT @Ecclestoned elision award : apostrophy

RT @Anamuk The art of Twitter is elision of characters with retention of meaning or poetic form

True enough, I suppose, though I’m old fashioned. I feel the greater art is in composing something that fits the space with minimal elision.

RT @InVinceWil Poets oft select / elision o’er good placement. / ’tis e’er a pity. #haiku

Yes, there’s that too! But there are other senses than the purely phonological in which the WOTD can appear.

RT @aarthycrazy Eternal is the elision of reason from the equation of #love. #artwiculate

RT @Tralala56 Cruel elision ~ no words, no actions, nothing ~ hurt by omission #haiku #artwiculate

RT @JonPowles Once simple, love’s easy steps ~ before broken bones and hearts ~ now paper over the cracks ~ the elision that is hope

But, to misquote Ms Austen, let others dwell on loss and misery. Let’s move on. Greengrocers came in for some stick today.

RT @TiddK RIP My Lord Elision : his servant’s went to the wrong grocer’s for apple’s & orange’s & he choked on a surfeit of apostrophe’s

Here are some other fine thematic tweets with the WOTD

RT @kado56 “Inform the staff, Harbinger, elision of the Bishop’s ‘Your Grace’ to ‘Yurg’ is not on..” “Indeed, Ma’am, a downhill elide from there on”

RT @emmaexpress Apostrophe walks into a bar, orders an Elision. Barman says, “Leave it out!”

RT @lithiumzombie “I’ll see your elision and raise you one polymath! What you got?” / “A haiku and a couple of goldfish.” / “Blast!” #artwicupoker

I think Daniël sweeps the table with that!

This is an election year in many places – Britain, the USA, even in the forgotten outpost of democracy where I live.

@dsceiorg has been trying for some time to squeeze some Artwiculate milage out of politics with inventive collective plurals.

RT @dsceiorg Collective plurals: A slate of candidates; A crowd of onlookers; An elision of forgotten promises #artwiculate

I liked that one.

@TinaNguyen gave us a few Types of elision today. I particularly liked this:

RT @TinaNguyen Types of elision: Biting your digital tongue when you want to say something snarky. #artwiculate

And I have indeed employed it today in this very round-up. But you wouldn’t know because I did it so subtly! 🙂

Here’s a touch of Latin from a seldom seen Artwiculator *waves a greeting to @Epoch_Fail*

RT @Epoch_Fail Kyrie, ignis divine, elision. The reason you failed Latin in school.

How about a few puns and some idiom play to wind up?

RT @smeedha He didn’t see her at the station as planned and blamed it on Optical Elision

RT @marcosarroyos When Jim met Haley that night, he intentionally did not tell her he had an STD. Later, he called it a nocturnal elision.

RT @aaronlivingston So i tried out the Elision Fields but found the experience too contracted #artwiculate

And finally a reminder from @lagadu123

RT @lagadu123 There’s no elision so subtle that a smidgeon of chocolate can’t be squeezed in somewhere

I think that is a point we should all do well to remember. I know I shall as I hand back to @TheSupercargo. (Pass over that Mars bar. NOW!)

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