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Ensconce: To be safe within a sconse (small castle or fort); to place or be placed in a sconce (a wall mounted candle holder); to establish or settle firmly or comfortably; to place in safety or in hiding

So, @TheSupercargo’s passed over his short list, but with less than an hour to tweet, I think a simple list is the best solution. Here we go

RT @ariandalen Ah, Mistress Ensconce: she’ll install you in a secure place. #artwiculate

(One of 4 tweets by @ariandalen on my long list)

RT @dsceiorg Collective Nouns: A memory of empty summer cottages; A porous of chewed entrance holes; An ensconce of raccoons #artwiculate

RT @Elixir_V Winter blizzard swirling shards of ice/ To ensconce in your heart/ Snow Queen’s kiss #haiku #artwiculate

RT @Gardencomet Wouldn’t you know Artwiculate would have a delightful word when I was anything BUT ensconce d with the internet?

RT @helacious Ensconce philosophy within a joke; you’ll get it, if you get it.

(And another three by @helacious on the long list.)

RT @hollyrocket Uncomfortable being looked at/Yearning to be seen/Ensconce~d in a paradox

(Isn’t that a painfully accurate description of teenage?)

RT @JonPowles I like jam and cream ensconce.

(Several people went down that route, but @JonPowles’s was the first I saw and the simplest.)

RT @marcosarroyos The Ford Ensconce is a great looking car, but it’s hell to get out of the garage.

RT @mazpowles Speed seduction: from askance to ensconce in under 30 minutes.

(Almost went with @mazpowles other tweet “there’s still the washing up”, but this was wittier.)

RT @PittCWO Opponents of women’s rights SAY they want to ensconce women and put them on a pedestal of femininity. Unrealistic, and SUPER condescending.
[Later investigation suggests this was one of those tweets we occasionally find indexed that are not meant as contributions to the game, but which fit in so perfectly nevertheless.]

RT @pn8r The moth thought it had chanced upon a comfy hammock. “Ensconce yourself, my tasty morsel…” whispered the spider.

RT @runheidi Ensconce-d in glass towers, they’ll take your last dime. They’ll cheat and they’ll steal but they’ll never do time. #artwiculat

RT @SJHatzi Ensconced in a cocoon of youth, the chrysalis thought she were so cool. Yet, it’s when she grew older & matured, that she flew

“thought she WAS so cool” perhaps, Silia? (Bloody English teacher.)
[You are supposed to understand that Silia is thinking “Bloody English teacher.” about me. You get that, don’t you? :-)]

RT @Tralala56 What’s the best yoga position in which to feel ensconced? The squat!

RT @Twilobite22 Major Ensconce slipped into his fatigues, lodged behind his desk and settled into his new job – instilling his new battle plan.

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lady Ensconce – She won’t be thinking out of the box. #artwiculate

And it was purely the luck of the alphabet that had me start with Mistress Ensconce and finish with My Lady.

Only 16 today; sorry about that. I will try to do better in future. Greetings to newcomers to the round-up @PittCWO & @Elixir_V only I think

Fare-thee-well, fair Artwiculati. Passing you back through the looking-glass to @TheSupercargo.

PS: @TheSupercargo has “new twitter”, but I don’t . Where’s the justice?!
[PPS: @TSupercargo now has “new twitter” too!]

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