A first round-up at Blogg52

Further to my last – and to my previous entry tagged #blogg52.

I’ve now put a list in the right-hand column of all the blogs taking part in the challenge. I’ve also visited all of them, read most of them and commented on several. There are a number of blogs that look like they will be very interesting to follow, several that are thought provoking and at least one that has some very nice photography.

If I’m going to be critical, there are a couple or three that don’t really seem to have got hold of the right end of the stick. There’s one blog, for example, that doesn’t provide any way that I can see of finding entries tagged with #blogg52, nor does it seem as though the blog entries are presented in date order (which is bizarre). As the topic of that blog doesn’t interest me, I’m not going to bother to go looking for the entry posted on 19th March. Tip to fellow bloggers: do try to make it easy for visitors to navigate your site. (And do tell me if you don’t think my blog is easy to get around.)

There’s also one blog that is well plastered with adverts. For me at least, that’s a turn-off.

I’m not going to be more negative than this – there’s enough negativity in the world and to spare. But after, say one month, I shall weed out the links and not include websites I’m uninterested in visiting myself.

There are 17 blogs at present (18 counting this one) and I think I managed to post about 10 comments. I can’t promise the same degree of engagement in the future, but I shall try, and especially I shall try to visit and comment on blogs that I’ve missed this time around.

Cheerio for now,

I originally published this article on the separate At the Quill website. Transferred here 28 March 2017.

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