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Folderol: Alternative spellings falderal, folderal: A showy but worthless trifle; foolish nonsense; nonsensical refrain in old song.

RT @selkiec Hands up ! This is a folderol ! #artwiculate

Well, my friends, tonight we celebrate the graduation of one of our number, @StarOfSavannah who has become … erm … postgraduated!

And also the fact that despite having been away from the game for more than 24 hours, I’m still just able to manage an RT round-up.

Today’s WOTD put some of us in mind of early words:

RT @tWordBird Folderol, foofaraw & fribble: Top-3 things your avg feral flibbertigibbet likes 2 finagle fellas n2 festooning her w/…2 keep her felicitous.

RT @harrarp What zaniness rolled through the train, when upon leaving Bloviate Station it was announced that the next stop would be Folderol!

RT @InVinceWil We go together like a flibbertigibbet and his folderol. Such loquacious persiflage!

For others, medicine was the first thing to come to mind:

RT @ten_ten_ten Folderol: used for common sense relief and control of rational tendencies. May cause bloviation. #artwiculate

RT @hfeaga A prescription of 20mg of Folderol a day will cure you of senseless serenity and fill you life with gewgaws and baubles.

RT @mazpowles ‘Mum, I’m too sick to go to school.’ ‘Nonsense! Take a couple of Folderol.’

RT @tgunnars The psychiatrist’s psychoanalytic theory was pure folderol. He was a Fraudian.

But there were at least a few person who were taking things seriously:

RT @Gardencomet He was the love of my life but I was only his folderol

RT @beezknez Yet still we line up / vote, take the folderol / our caretakers give / #artwiculate #folderol

RT @honeygloom Blood’s not folderol / it’s the stuff of life, of love / rushing poetry


RT @lippy73 Fresh folderol beats stale rhetoric any day. #artwiculate

The folding element of the word attracted some interest:

RT @jonpowles US dollar: folding currency. Greek drachma: folderol currency.

RT @mwartwiculate Looking down at my stomach, I see fold upon folderol, with little decorative value. #artwiculate

Sadly, I find myself doing and thinking something similar. So it’s important to take satisfaction in small achievements:

RT @richardhursty Just turned FOLDER into FOLDEROL in Scrabble, which was satisfying.

Good for you @richardhursty – even if you aren’t following @artwiculate!

But truth to tell, the WOTD did not generally stimulate reverence.

RT @Squawkingalah Various forms of folderol: 1. yodelling; 2. folk-dancing; 3: macrame owls.

(@Squawkingalah gave us a whole series of these!)

The word did encourage some fine songs and rhymes though:

RT @ariandalen Fal-da-ree, Folderol, Fal-da… Wait. Why do I have a knapsack, and what’s it doing on my back? #artwiculate

RT @fiberqat Folderol and fiddle-de-dee! The captain’s wife went off to tea. All dressed in ribbons and finery. A silly sight indeed was she!

RT @TiddK You are my song, my folderol / Allegro in my heart / You are my Do Re Mi Fa Sol / The hit that tops my chart . #artwiculate

But finally, we have to agree with graduate @StarOfSavannah

RT @StarOfSavannah Recent studies show a direct correlation between the consumption of alcohol and utterances of folderol.

And, with less than an hour to tweet, I manage to slip that in under the wire and head off to Salon Artwois for bonhomie and bodyshots.

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