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Gallimaufry: a hodgepodge; a jumble; a hash made of scraps; from Old French galimafree, sauce, ragout
Welcome word lovers! @TheSupercargo’s much more interesting half here, ready to serve up an Artwiculate Gallimaufry. Sitting comfortably?

Must confess I’ve always disliked this word. I find it ugly and though I know how to say it, I don’t actually believe in my own pronunciation.

So I’m with @ismea on this

RT @ismea Gallimaufry is a terrible word of smashed mixed disorder, isn’t it? #artwiculate

And find myself rising in court to shout Hear! Hear! in response to

RT @lawyergirl3 gallimaufry? ~ why can’t WOTD be more substantive ~ like manslaughter

But while I find it less than inspiring, as ever, many Artwiculati clearly feel differently. Let’s start in the kitchen, which is where the word seems to have originated.

RT @JonPowles Gallimaufry: just a poncey French word for hamburger

Well, maybe more the chopped bits that go into a hamburger – mincemeat perhaps …

RT @Tralala56 Magnificent Madge could make mincemeat out of just about anyone with her Gallimaufry knife.

Urgh – human hash!

RT @I2Haiku Gallimaufry Beer makes even the worst hash taste better. #Artwiculate

Thank you @I2Haiku , but I really feel nothing could improve Magnificent Madge’s cooking. Pass the Vegemite!

RT @snatchbeast There’s vegan haggis, I wonder if there’s vegan gallimaufry as well

Why not @snatchbeast? Let’s go and find out – Vega’s just 25 light years away after all. No wait, you meant …

From the concrete to the metaphorical (though still in the kitchen) we next have @TiddK

RT @TiddK My man’s a gallimaufry / He gets me in a stew / The captain of my hotch potch heart / He makes my dreams come true . #artwiculate

(Several goodies from Tidd today, but that one amused me the most.)

@Christwitery’s gogyohka was on the sadder side (though I imagine we all have days when we feel this way).

RT @Christwitery The bits and pieces – of my gallimaufry life – you may as well – boil me up – and make stock #gogyohka

Then @ariandalen reminded us of a perennial truth certain people in every generation choose to ignore.

RT @ariandalen We are each a gallimaufry~A genetic stew of generations~Continually cooked by experience. #artwiculate #poetry

Before we leave the kitchen, I must just add one more from @twilobite22, not least because it contains the word “slumgullion” – new to me!

RT @twilobite22 After weeks of the same slumgullion he broke, howling in his best english, “No eat more gallimaufry or I maul fry gal” #anagram

The other thing I liked about @twilobite22’s tweet was the use brilliant of “I maul fry gal”. (I was also tempted down the anagram route.)

Oh, and here’s an imaginative use of the word in combination with food that made me laugh. (I can imagine it!)

RT @kado56 tennis racquet strikes ~ bowled soft peaches; children’s game – gallimaufry smash #haiku

The wonderful mixture that is our game next, in this up-beat reminder from @SJHatzi

RT @SJHatzi Artwiculate: A gallimaufry of wit, puns and poetry for the connoisseur wordsmith

And in much the same vein comes @19ish’s reflection on Twitter.

RT @19ish Twitter is a gallimaufry of thoughts from around the globe. Some are sweet, some bitter, sour, tender or chewy. Yum! #artwiculate

Yes, and @Charm47 (with help from the Bard) continues the up-beat mode

RT @Charm47 We few, we happy few, we gallimaufry of brothers #artwiculate #apologiestotheBard

Meanwhile, reminding us of @Artwiculate’s younger sister @Loqwacious, @osmarjardim gave us

RT @osmarjardim S+y+z+y+g+y = Syzygy Gallimaufry #lqw

“Syzygy” being the @Loqwacious WOTD for half the time @Artwiculate was playing with Ga11imaufry.

A famous name on the Twitter circuit (& unofficial Artwiculate patron saint), @StephenFry, was drafted into several of today’s tweets. I’ll just give one example though, from @lagadu123

RT @lagadu123 If there were any justice in this world, @StephenFry’s parents would have named him Gallimau. #gallimaufry

Others were also gallimaufried today. Dr Who:

RT @eilonwya10 Lost Dr. Who episode: The Gallimaufry from Gallifrey. #artwiculate (The plot was a bit of a dog’s breakfast.)

(I wonder if anyone outside Britain knows Dr Who? Or has the BBC successfully exported him? Not to Sweden, anyway.) Laurel and Hardy:

RT @bookdreamer ‘Well, here’s another fine Gallimaufry you’ve gotten me into.’ #rejectedlaurelandhardylines #artwiculate

Mötley Crüe (I have umlauts on my keyboard!)

RT @TOCSY1 Nikki, Tommy, Mick, and Vince were quite a gallimaufry, even before they became a Motley Crue.

And BTW three others of @TOCSY1’s Artwicutweets made my long-list. Search ’em out, they’re worth it!

Then a couple more people who are really @Artwiculate themes. First Kim Jong Il (soon to metamorphose into Kim Jong Un it seems):

RT @marcosarroyos Jerome played a gallimaufry of classical, rock, hip hop, and North Korean folk music on his balalaika. Kim Jong Il was impressed.

And then Tina Tintinnabulation:

RT @ultracutebot Tina Tintinnabulation’s belfry was a gallimaufry of bells for every mood : bucolic – cow/jocund – jingle/sexy – hand

The WOTD and politics next – @dsceiorg’s dictionary of collective nouns just goes on growing.

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: A fracture of political parties; A marrow of negotiation; A gallimaufry of majorities #artwiculate

And @Wifsie leapt the Atlantic:

RT @Wifsie London used to drown in pea soup fog. It’s now swimming in political gallimaufry. #artwiculate

(These two could just as well be applied to Swedish politics recently … but don’t let me get started on that.)

Let’s wind things up by applying the word to personal relationships. Here’s @Gardencomet

RT @Gardencomet I want to be wanton/ I want to be free/ I want to be who I was meant to be/ give me a gentlemanly gallimaufry

And then @MaltaGoddess

RT @MaltaGoddess “A gallimaufry!” has always been my answer, chéri. Whenever I’m asked what type of men I like.

Twin souls, it seems, @Gardencomet and @MaltaGoddess 🙂

And finally, in prime position I want to RT this one by @mazpowles

RT @mazpowles Your caution, my impetuousity, your silence, my moods, your constant acceptance, my undying gratitude. Our love’s gallimaufry.

OK! Was there anyone new today? Yes! Special Greetings to @ismea

And that, said John, is that. Don’t forget “You have 3 hours left vote. ” Handing back to @TheSupercargo. Good night.

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