Gumption – Artwiculate round up from 5 April 2010

Gumption (Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Good Evening! I really hope I can squeeze this in under the wire. I have “about 1 hour left to tweet”. Here comes my RT Roundup for Gumption

I confess to having rather skimmed through the offerings for today. Been out, about and away from a computer.

One popular play for today has been on Forest Gump – here’s what I think was the first, from our intrepid Brazilian artwiculator:

RT @osmarjardim Forest Gumption. #TwoWordWinnerTweetIfManyRTit.

The WOTD deinitely stimulated the punny (sic) bones and idiom-play brain lobes of many an Artwiculati. Some of my favourites:

RT @harrarp Gumption. This is gonna take some guts.

RT @navinsasikumar Why was gumption a good business? Because nerve cells

RT @baccatum How can you admire the eel’s gumption? the clam admonished the jellyfish. “Come on, I’m the one who has true grit.”

RT @kado56 “Master Harry’s pony lasted the hunt. It took some gumption, M’lady.” “Make sure it gives it back later, there’s a good fellow, Harbinger.”

RT @DrMobs I just had a dumbo light bulb moment: the surface cleaner is called Gumption because it’s full of grit. #2neuronsnotconnected

RT @routermonkey In spite of sticking to it, the gummi bear’s gumption was unrewarded. Plagued by hangers-on, he was chewed up & spat out.

RT @Lagadu123 A stiff upper lip is no substitute for gumption

RT @JonPowles Ole Gumption walks into a salon out West and says, loudly “I can out-wit any wordslinger in this here town. ”

We also had the pleasure to read several really clever twisted definitions. Three I particularly liked:

RT @lithiumzombie Goldfish wit: bubble gumption

RT @marcosarroyos Yiddish gumption : Chutzpah

RT @K_Geddings A wise man told me all you need is gumption to skydive but you need a parachute to skydive twice.

I don’t think the WOTD really lent itself to poetry, which didn’t stop people trying, and as ever, some managed really well.

Here come three examples. A haiku from @whole_soup, a limerick from @mw1414 and a serious little tercet from @Wifsie

RT @whole_soup Unchecked gumption leads ~ cats to play as tigers and ~ dogs to attack police #Haiku

RT @mw1414 Keanu made an assumption/ Excess beverage consumption/ Would help him get laid/ Without having paid/ But he had a distinct lack of gumption

RT @Wifsie Cry all you want; say it’s unfair/Then gather your strength, pick up your flair/Gumption and courage will take you there. #artwiculate

Keeping the to the more serious note for a moment, here’s relative newcomer @mazpowles with definition of the WOTD I particularly like.

RT @mazpowles I see true gumption every day. 10 year olds who can’t read or write, surrounded by those who can, still trying.

RT @lippy73 Gumption doesn’t mean not being afraid, it means doing what needs done despite the fear. #artwiculate

RT @MaxRaunchiness It doesn’t take gumption to make a conquest. It takes perseverance.

Not entirely sure how serious @MaxRaunchiness was being in that last one, but “many a true word spoken in jest.”

I liked @BurningHawk1969’s use of several previous WOTDs in this next one:

RT @BurningHawk1969 It took lots of gumption for the niveous virago to scale Everest; she proved lissome enough, however. #artwiculate

And the alliteration in the next from @pn8r

RT @pn8r ? Conjunction junction, what’s your function? ? Hooking up words and phrases with gumption. ?
[The original had little musical notes instead of queries.]

To wind up, two tweets that may reference my own (interminable) WOTD inspired story. Or maybe I’m just flattering myself.

RT @mazpowles @JonPowles I could have sworn I’d played Mrs Gumption at some point in the early 90s

RT @Tralala56 Mrs Gumption did it in the library with the dagger #cluedo #artwiculate

And so we close for the day. Cheerio folks!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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