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Welcome to a very Haimish round-up. I never saw this word before today, but I liked it, and it seemed to stimulate my fellow Artwiculati. There were some nice tweets.

Indeed there are nice tweets still coming in and I’ve had to stop myself looking or I’ll never get this rounded up!

One interesting feature of the word was the way people around the world shared their very different concepts of haimish+food.

RT @agezoko Rice, Roast fish, Miso soup, Pickles. Japanese breakfast is haimish . #artwiculate

RT @silverne Coffee/ French black chocolate/ Cuban cigarillos/ Dostoyevsky/ Haimish

RT @BurningHawk1969 Stumbling back in after taking the dog out in the rain to the haimish smells of coffee and toasting bagel; it could be much worse.

RT @Wifsie Chef’s Andy’s haimish dish never fails to astonish: a bouillabaisse filled with fish and served with relish.

RT @selkie_upsilon I have cake, I have tea. I have a view that looks out to the trees. Do you have a haimish hug for me? xx #artwiculate

(And Hello to you @selkie_upsilon! A very occasional player since November.)

There’s more food further on, but other themes to visit.

For example, the WOTD shares a striking resemblance (and pronunciation) to that good Scots name Hamish.

Hamish and the Scottish reference put in an appearance in several tweets including:

RT @JonPowles In Scotland, Haimish McRichard, haggis smuggler. In Australia, Homely Dick the wholesale meat merchant. We all know him.

(More food, you see.) I have been unable to get Twitter search to divulge the author of the next tweet. I apologise:

Haimish?! Ye cannae be seriou

And here’s another Hamish, referencing yesterday’s WOTD too:

RT @Anamuk Haimish Hamish’s bailiwick at the dance was the chairs on the edge of the dance floor.

But, of course, the WOTD has nothing to do with Scotland and everything to do with …

RT @honeygloom Haimish? Sounds slang-ish / but the dictionary says / it’s Yiddish.

RT @SJHatzi I’m such a schmuck! All this kibitzing about haimish is making this goy all schmaltzy.

RT @urbanascetic Aspire to mensch but remain haimish #sixwords #artwiculate

Yes indeed! Though another religious pursuasion did get it’s foot in the door too:

RT @Christwitery No machines at home / or technology either / Haimish religion #haiku #artwiculate

RT @K_Geddings Amish people are found mainly in PA but haimish folks can be found anywhere the heart is.

And (still in slightly religious mode) we also said a sad farewell to yet another member of the aristocracy:

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lady Haimish – She’s gone home to her Lord. #artwiculate

Today’s word also reminded people of another, not always postive sense of homely.

RT @lomnoir Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ He was haimish/ So she said, “Eww!”

Yes, a homely appearance is not always considered attractive or glamourous.

RT @mazpowles More haimish than glamorous, youth wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for me. But middle age is my bailiwick!

RT @silversteelwolf She was brainish, Danish, and so far from haimish that when the two trysted, the outcome was plain…ish.

But some people like it even so

RT @ariandalen A smile, a twinkle in the eye, a deep belly laugh, these make even the haimish beautiful. #artwiculate

Fundamentally, though, the word has to do with the home and what makes a home.

RT @AaronLivingston Haimish? Dare I say it? I feel right at home with this one…#artwiculate

RT @Squawkingalah My Labradors make my home haimish … and hairy.

RT @lithiumzombie “Hey, a miniature Jaws poster.” / “Yes, I’m trying to make his bowl a bit more haimish.”

Or what makes it less of a home, I suppose:

RT @mwartwiculate Checked into the Haimish Hotel. Sounded great – loved the name. But it’s called that because all you want to do is go home

RT @marcosarroyos Bud feels his place under the Interstate Highway overpass is very haimish. It’s too bad the mosquitoes like it too.

RT @emmaexpress How do you make Haimish squeamish? Ask him to overstep his bailiwick.

RT @kado56 D.I.Wai noted the cosy interior, cheerful fire, tea & muffins and smiling corpse.”Mm, I see the familiar hand of Mac Haimish in this”

(More food! And, personally I welcome the return of Detective Inspector Wai.)

But sometimes home is just not what you want.

RT @Tralala56 Cindy was not the haimish kind. She suffered from domatophobia and spent every night out on the town!

RT @pranavmukul Haimish: He came, he saw, he went back!

While at other times you’ll do anything to get one.

RT @TiddK Gazumping is the devious art of choking off rival bidders for the property you want. AKA The Haimish Manoeuvre.

I’m going to wind up with a great pun

RT @baccatum I find the decor at the Hospital Cardiology Department so haimish. After all, home is where the heart is.

And a literary tweet I just now saw from @not_a_follower as Artwiculate so charmingly express it.

RT @Tullius0618 @amanuel187 – are authors off-limits? If not Kingsley and Martin Haimish…

(Don’t think Martin really counts as Haimish. Kingsley perhaps.)

Well, that’s me rounded up. Time to return you to my haimish doppelganger @TheSupercargo. Cheerio!

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