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Hispid: Covered with stiff hairs or bristles. (Artwiculate says obsolete, but it’s still in regular use in biology and botany.)

Greetings, one and all! Here comes @TheSupercargo’s alter ego with a hispid round-up of favourite artwicutweets.

Hispid because I’ve cut the day short – 10 hours still to go.

It would seem there are two distinct opinions about stubble. Some people like it, some don’t.

RT @MaltaGoddess His hispid stubble in the morning ~ the tender bruising ~ I can spend hours kissing his chin

RT @19ish My hispid lover, with dark & tender countenance, draw my aching lips near, after you shave off those #%&! whiskers! #artwiculate

RT @spacedlawyer “How I love your hispid lips!” cooed Don, blushing. A risky approach but his mark smiled and declared he liked Don’s moustache too.

RT @Maxraunchiness The brunette’s womanhood got downright hispid after she quit shaving. It really rubbed me the wrong way.

I think I shall stay out of that discussion, but there are other problems associated with stubble.

RT @beezknez The mark of hispid ~ left upon her cheek ~ tell tale signs ~ of a night spent in Bristles #artwiculate

RT @KnitForJoy He caressed her chin and recoiled. “Hispid!” he exclaimed. “Bless you!” she replied. #aginglove @artwiculate

RT @navinsasikumar The stubbled boyfriend asked, “What’s hispid”? “Sea ur~chin”, she replied. #heteronym

Apart from intimacy the WOTD leant itself also to other fields of interest. The tonsorial arts, obviously:

RT @rascality Harold the hispid hobbit hobbled home happily having had his holiday haircut #artwiculate

Nice tongue-twister @rascality! (I liked your tonsorial tweet too, but only ONE can be chosen *portentious organ chords*)

RT @marcosarroyos Delilah’s trickery / left Samson hispid / scattered / his hair / to the wind #Gpoem

RT @twilobite22 Hellacious Hispid Hairlines: Rhodesian ridgebacks; Billy Goats Gruff; Nanny McPhee; Wicked Witch of the West; & Osmar J.

A fine reference to an Artwicu-friend @twilobite22, but you might want to draw your tweet to @osmarjardime’s attention more forcefully, viz:

MT @twilobite22 Hellacious Hispid Hairlines: Rhodesian ridgebacks; Billy Goats Gruff; Nanny McPhee; Wicked Witch o’the West; & @osmarjardim

@rafat4d offered us a play with some earlier WOTDs OTHER THAN erinaceous:

RT @rafat4d Once in the dingle lived a rodomontade, tatterdemalion among the frippery, so hispid that he shaved with with lawnmower.

While @BurningHawk1969 provided one of the best artwicutweet WITH erinaceous:

RT @BurningHawk1969 Erinaceous changed her name to Hispid after the operation; people still found her rather prickly. #artwiculate

@radiocurly gave us a play on an old Monkees’s tune:

RT @radiocurly ? Take the last train to Hispid and no shaving at the station. I want to see you with a beard when you reach your destination. Ho ho ho ?
[Those question marks were musical notes in the original.]

And @BurpingOutLoud took us to the sports ground:

RT @BurpingOutLoud @artwiculate after the sprinter shaved each hair off his body, thanks to aerodynamics, hispid increased drastically.

The horror movie lupine conversion theme was taken up by several tweeters. My favourite was this:

RT @ariandalen Full moon rises ~ Hispid transformation occurs ~ Werewolf? No ~ Wereterrier.

And still in the world of fantasy, this made me smile too:

RT @Shannon_Anthony The big bad canine was a hispid cuspid. #artwiculate

Though, personally @Shannon_Anthony, if I had a canine tooth with hair stubble I’d be down to the dentists in a flash.

Another sense of the WOTD (and another use of Erinacious) now:

RT @nedmw Monsieur Hispid and Mademoiselle Erinacious met frequently at Cafe Velcro

Let’s consider the wardrobe of the modern Catholic girl next:

RT @I2Haiku The Hispid Halter: hair shirt for women. #Artwiculate

Ow! What else has prickly little hairs? Oh, I know …

RT @Tralala56 What’s green and hispid and goes up and down? A gooseberry in a lift!

And of course, hairs sometimes grow where they are less than welcome – though that didn’t stop @TiddK

RT @TiddK At the Indelicatessen I bought some hispid cheese, apparently long past its sell-by date. #artwiculate

And finally, (if Twitter will let me) I’ll close off today’s round-up with this idiom play from @languagenhumor

RT @languagenhumor Somewhat ironically, Henry Hispid was known for his bald-faced lies. #artwiculate (hispid)
[I rather fear Twitter didn’t let me. Not at all sure this last RT made it onto the net. Apologies to @languagenhumor.]

There you have it. A bit early in the day – 8 hours left now – but I hope you found it interesting. and inspiring!

Greetings to newcomers @Shannon_Anthony and @rascality –

@rascality, you might want to register with @artwiculate and get your own profile page!

And Hi! to @19ish @twilobite22 and @I2Haiku who all started playing while I was on holiday.

And that’s me done. (A whole hour to upload it took!) Going through another lupine conversion now back to @TheSupercargo!

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