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Iconoclast: One who attacks established or traditional concepts; a destroyer of religious images; adherant of 8th & 9th century heretical movement in Greek Orthodox Church, which aimed at the destruction of icons and religious images.

Greetings Artwiculati! Here comes an ever so slightly iconoclastic RT round-up from him (@TheSupercargo) and me.

Good Word Of The Day today, I thought. I ended up with a long-list of 70-odd tweets and a short-list of 28-odd, some very odd indeed! 🙂

Commendations in particular to @lawyergirl3 for her attempts to “ar-tweak-ulate” the game. I voted for them all Janise – I liked this best:

RT @lawyergirl3 [AFY Artwiculate for You @mazpowles]~ silver hummingbirds ~ with iconoclast wings ~ catch my child’s eye ~ music in motion

@helacious Hilary asked about an econoclast and received the following answer:

RT @dreamrock @helacious lol No, that’s a revolutionary environmentalist iconoclast.

And I’m not giving @helacious Hilary’s original tweet because I find myself retweeting a better one from her later on.

Now, there is a degree of ambiguity about iconoclast. For some people it has a positive clang:

RT @Ysabeluna \if not for iconoclast s\men would still be toiling in fields \women confined to swaying babies \no tweeting\no artwiculating\ #artwiculate

RT @I2Haiku The Little Miss Iconoclast Doll challenges the stereotype of a typical girl’s toy; she comes dressed as a construction worker. #Artwiculate

For others, though, it is less positive:

RT @lomnoir Iconoclast – Someone who overzealously adheres to the Third Commandment.

RT @Calum_MacDonald An iconoclast / this day has come by my way / hide divine icons #artwiculate

The ambiguity was nicely pointed up, I thought, by @kado56 in the next tweet:

RT @kado56 Better an iconoclast than a mindless member of the flock? Bit woolly about which is worse

@pamellati Pam gave us another slant on the profession (if that’s the right word).

RT @pamellati It´s not difficult being an iconoclast when your own image isn´t at stake. #artwiculate

Inevitably, the WOTD attracted religious references galore.

(BTW “galore” would be a good word to play with @artwiculate or @loqwatious! (Now someone will tell me we’ve had it and I’ve missed it.))

RT @SJHatzi It’s easier to be an iconoclast when one has grown up Orthodox: one is better informed on the subject.

RT @pn8r As yet another prayer went unanswered, Pat thought,”Maybe I should be an iconoclast. On the plus side, it would free up my Sunday mornings.”

RT @twilobite22 When is a religious man an iconoclast? When he’s a-theist. #artwiculate

RT @Ameeee “I conned the class” ; a memoir by a former Christian Studies teacher. #iconoclast #artwiculate

And this, added to the Pope’s current visit to the UK, inspired @TiddK

RT @TiddK “A Roman Catholic made a citizens arrest of the Pope?” “Aye. Con O’Clast, on behalf of Irish child abuse victims” #iconoclast

Branching off slightly, @JonPowles gave us some Mad Men copy

RT @JonPowles Troubled by nasty icons? Orthodoxies making your life a misery? Try ICONOCLAST: at only $2.99 per can, it’s an icon-o-blast!

And deeper into the surreal …

RT @hkfeaga I call your bohemian and raise you an iconoclast. #artwiculate.

RT @harrarp I had my halo removed by iconoclastic surgery. It’s so much easier to brush my hair.

RT @DrSteveBroe The monocled iconoclast shouted “theater!” in a crowded fire. #artwiculate

RT @mazpowles Iconoclast or inspiration. Depends on whether you’re in the inner circle or outside the square.

@mazpowles – I suspect Dan Brown could make a whole book out of that!

@FrankSiddarta switched our focus to the game we love-hate-love:

RT @FrankSiddarta Iconoclast – the breaking up of the English language by Artwiculati

@lagadu123 gave us some autobiography:

RT @lagadu123 I was a teenage trailblazer / My rage knew no bounds / Only learned the word iconoclast, though / Long after I’d settled down

@dsceiorg gave us an image of patience:

RT @dsceiorg Under Mount Rushmore / The patient iconoclast / Time will do his job #haiku #artwiculate

@helacious imagined a sadly drunken practitioner:

RT @helacious Too smashed to break tradition, the iconoclast merely broke protocol.

While @chemingineer gave us a silent one:

RT @chemingineer He was a laconic iconoclast. His actions spoke louder than words. #artwiculate

@zimmerjohn riddled a pun:

RT @zimmerjohn How long did the icon last? Until it met the iconoclast. #artwiculate

And @ryantologist punned irreligiously:

RT @ryantologist Just advised a friend working in Newfoundland academia to position himself as a great philosophical iconoclast by asserting “Cod is dead.”

But top of the list (if you’re reading this on Twitter) or last and best (if you’re reading it on my homepage), for my money:

RT @ten_ten_ten “At last, the perverted iconoclast achieved iconoclasm. ‘Was it good for you, too?’ he asked the slashed painting.”

That’s it! Greetings to all, but especially to @Calum_MacDonald @pamellati @Ameeee & @DrSteveBroe who I think are all first-timers here.

(@Calum_MacDonald @pamellati @Ameeee & @DrSteveBroe by “Here” I mean the RT round-up, not Artwiculate which you’ve all been playing a while.)

Greetings also to @dreamrock & @ryantologist who may not have intended to play Artwiculate as they don’t have profile pages yet.

@dreamrock & @ryantologist are of course both very welcome to join in 🙂

Cheerio for now, though hoping to be back 2-3 times a week from now on through till December. Passing the baton back to @TheSupercargo.

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit http://artwiculate.com for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at http://www.artwiculate.com/words/iconoclast (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at http://www.salonartwois.com/ )

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