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Ignominious: adj marked by disgrace or shame

Good evening! It’s time for an RT round-up, but will your host manage to complete it in time or will he fail ignominiously? Stay tuned for …

RT @asim7asim Ignominious : Shame Of The Day #artwiculate

I like this word. It has a nice, mouthfilling quality to it that satisfies, quite apart from its actual sense. (A sense Artwiculate got right for once. Hurrah! – Nah, Artwiculate, I’m not trying to be mean, but I wish you’d get a new dictionary.)

Anyway, I’m not the first today to note these qualities – but I’ll be the only one in the round-up as I prefer other tweets by those authors.

As ever, both the positive and negative sides of the WOTD are illuminated, and a spectrum from the serious to the surreal. Let’s start with some examples at the sombre end.

RT @helacious A public shaming renders ignominious both the smug spectators and the hangdog miscreant.

RT @tama001 invasion, retirement, promulgate martial law / devastation and suffering / traces of ignominious war . #artwiculate

RT @mazpowles What’s more ignominious: that 20 000 women are killed each year for ‘shaming’ their families or that we let them be called ‘honour’ killing?

I hesitated over @mazpowles’s tweet – since I liked one of her more flippant ones almost equally as well, but that’s the one I plumped for.
[But it was the more flippant one that won her the crown!]

Sometimes, I think feeling oneself to be ignominious is something some of us at least find preserved in childhood memories.

RT @SJHatzi 12 yrs old & secretly in love. My sister showed him my diary w/out letting me know. He told me on the phone. Ignominious, alone.

Like that. @SJHatzi also had a very nice if more impersonal tweet about how we are ourselves most able to condemn ourselves to ignominy. And when we do, it would be nice to have someone like @TiddK to be with, wouldn’t it?

RT @TiddK You say you’re ignominious / You say you’re in disgrace / But I’m not shamed, I’ll walk with you / And gaze upon your face

Of course, what we percieve as ignominious varies with our age and experience.

RT @kado56 How could my parents do this t me? A family holiday in the ignominibus, 14, and wishing the ground would swallow me up. #ignominious

Of course there are SOME people …

RT @MaxRaunchiness I’m not ignominious, my dear, I have no sense of shame.

And in a similar vein …

RT @Calum_MacDonald Ignominious I may be but boy it has been fun #artwiculate

And another of the same ilk, perhaps …

RT @marcosarroyos Kim Jong Il should be ignominious, but I doubt that he is.

I think all those gentlemen ought perhaps to meditate on this:

RT @19ish The ignoble caitiff died in prison & was buried on Ignominious Hill. No choir, no tears, just prayers 4 an unrepentant sinner. #artwiculate

Where does Ignominious come from, do you suppose?

RT @ariandalen Ignominious was born in a bar exactly nine months after Peccability met Ignoble. #artwiculate

RT @I2Haiku I was supposed to have a date with Ms Ignominious, but I think she was too ashamed to go out with me. #Artwiculate

We’re moving away from the sombre towards the more high-spirited, so here’s an ad from @OpelDHell

RT @OpelDHell slap it on! eau d’ignominious – refreshingly shamefaced #artwiculate

Because you’re worth it!

Several people had a shot at an epitaph, I liked this one best:

RT @Tralala56 RIP My Lord Ignominious: mortified at last!

And @TOCSY1 had an interesting question.

RT @TOCSY1 Do the pious ignominious always say disgrace before meals?

As we are dabbling in religious backwaters, I note that the Catholic Church in particular came in for some stick. I choose this by way of illustration.

RT @harrarp Pope Ignominious mumbled a mea culpa, ‘Amen’ sang the crowd.

@essence_me took us up into the skies …

RT @essence_me Ignominious Airlines – for when you need to do that flight of shame.

… and @BurningHawk1969 brought us back down again …

RT @BurningHawk1969 Nobody trusted the Ignominious Parachute Company, despite their quality material and fine craftmanship. #artwiculate

And for some reason I think @jLemie’s tweet fits in here.

RT @jLemie Twitter’s whale is an obvious ignominious notice, yet nicely designed. #artwiculate

So, now approaching the more surreal end of the spectrum, here’s an old Artwiculate friend, Thelonius Monk, back again

RT @Ameeee Little known fact ~ Thelonius Monk, during a time where he was lacking confidence, considered renaming himself Ignominious Monk.

I also liked this one from @bookdreamer.

RT @bookdreamer ‘Include your children when baking cookies’ – the autobiography that shocking the nation from Ignominious Publications #artwiculate

But for the really surreal I don’t think these last two can be beat:

RT @Phil_Rothwell And the god Ignominious donned his red hat, wielded his rod and smote the land…then relaxed on a rock for a bit #artwiculate

RT @runheidi ‘Twas an ignominious defeat for the lipsticked gorilla, who shoots wolves from copters and hails from Wasilla. #artwiculate

That’s the round-up. Special greetings to @Phil_Rothwell who “isn’t following @artwiculate” and to @jLemie who’s just started playing.
[@Phil_Rothwell now has a profile page!]

Big Hi! to @BurningHawk1969 who I’ve not seen for a while.

That’s yer lot. Handing back to @TheSupercargo.

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