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Internecine: Mutually destructive or ruinous; of or relating to slaughter or carnage in warfare; of or involving conflict within a country, an organisation, a group, a family. [The word derives from the Latin internecÄ«nus meaning slaughter, exterminate, massacre. The “inter-” prefix is here used as an intensifier. In his dictionary, however, Dr Johnson misinterpreted “inter-” to mean between, and defined the word as meaning “endeavoring mutual destruction”, a sense it continues to have today.]
Greetings! There’s no internecine struggle between @TheSupercargo and his alter ego. We are agreed about delivering the following round-up!

As ever, the Artwiculati produced an interesting crop of Artwicutweets – if not quite as many as with other WOTDs.

In my long-list, I find I have been particularly impressed by @marcosarroyos’s contributions and also by @TiddK’s and @Helacious’s too.

But, sticking to my principles, it’s only 1 tweet for each person nevertheless. (Still, you can always go and look at their profile pages.)

As most player’s surely know by now, the WOTD is one of those lexicographical gems that … well I’ll let @chemingineer tell it

RT @chemingineer Samuel Johnson defined internecine wrongly in his great dictionary and the rest is history. #artwiculate

Regardless of what it OUGHT to mean, what it means now is mutually destructive struggle. @NeelaVanam defined it with a cinematic reference

RT @NeelaVanam ‘The Godfather’ revolves around the internecine warfare of a mafia family. #artwiculate

@alex_auron took us back to the Cold War

RT @alex_auron Internecine: mutually assured destruction, or simply MAD.

And @poemblaze1 reached back to World War One

RT @poemblaze1 The great houses of Europe ~ launched their internecine war ~ after two shots in a Sarajevo street. #micropoetry #artwiculate

(And @marcosarroyos went all the way back to Cain and Able – but I’m not quoting that one!)

@fox2go gave us a Machiavellian poem

RT @fox2go #haikuchallenge #artwiculate Absentee leader; internecine dark squabbles; Machiavelli’s back

@MissKayenne referenced the on-going political struggle in the USA

RT @MissKayenne ~ Republican or ~ Democrat? Internecine ~ In United States ~ // #artwiculate #haiku

But whoever wins the battle, what kind of a victory can it ever be? @SJHatzi knows

RT @SJHatzi Internecine win: a Pyrrhic victory.

Another aspect of the word, of course, (touched on in some of the previous quoted tweets) is the close, familial sense it includes.

RT @micahpedia With my family any kind of reunion always ends up an internecine fracas. #artwiculate

(Mine too, @micahpedia, mine too!)

And with another filmic reference, @ariandalen reminds us of school days. Well, JK Rowling’s school days perhaps.

RT @ariandalen “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Talk about your internecine conflict! #artwiculate

(Oh, and while we’re referencing films, I’ll shoehorn in my chosen @marcosarroyos tweet for the day)

RT @marcosarroyos Internecine : Italian for an intern in film making.

Of course, some people have relationships that appear to be nothing more than struggle, as @Tralala56 points out

RT @Tralala56 Many thought of Madge and Tim’s relationship as internecine, little did they understand the thrill that it procured and the bond it created.

To which @Nickpbonwick counters with this

RT @Nickpbonwick It was never really love / At times obscene / There was no truth / purely internecine

@TiddK shared a story of thwarted love

RT @TiddK Tweedledum and Tweedledee ~ Both fancied the same girl ~ Their internecine rivalry ~ Saw tragedy unfurl ~ (she joined a nunnery)

(It doesn’t matter who won – both lost. harking back to Silia’s Pyrrhic victory.)

@sgwarnog gave us another illustrative image

RT @sgwarnog bush shudders ~ with internecine chatter ~ sparrows jostling ~ for the best ~ perch #artwiculate #gogyohka

In human terms that bush of sparrows become @dsceiorg’s collective of female impersonators

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: An elaboration of costumes; A spackle of cosmetics; An internecine of drag queens #artwiculate
[When the dust settled, it was this tweet that had won the crown.]

And it seems somehow appropriate to follow with this from @beezknez

RT @beezknez Internecine ~ cant beat fashion #artwiculate

@CreoleEloquence had a thought to share about internal struggles which neatly introduces the third focus of many of today’s tweets.

RT @CreoleEloquence Internecine strife between her memories and her greying head made for a ghastly crinkly retro 70’s-style updo this morning.

While @ultracutebot identified another internal struggle which I imagine many of us recognise

RT @ultracutebot whenever i try to stop tweeting for the night, an internecine scuffle between my practical side & my lexicon-crack addicted side ensues…..

I’m going to finish off with a rush of different Artwicutweets that I’m too tired to fit into catagories – but I liked them.

First is @harrarp’s medicinal usage

RT @harrarp Someone told me I need to get my head examined. There were days when I took that kind of advice seriously. Now I use internecine.

Then @LorcanDesperado’s glittering title

RT @LorcanDesperado Internecine is a many splendoured thing #LesserBooks

Another book, this one from @mazpowles

RT @mazpowles The runaway bestseller ‘He’s Just Not That Internecine’ is a self-help book for compulsive pacifists.

@helacious asked a pertinent question

RT @helacious Do mercenaries apply for internecine internships before becoming professional warriors?

And @honeygloom expresed a (slightly disturbing) delight in the feel of the word

RT @honeygloom Slaughter is a messy word, bludgeoned, splattered. Internecine cuts like a slick blade.

I wonder who @runheidi is describing here … the name Margaret Thatcher drifts into my head, but that probably dates me.

RT @runheidi Her pastimes include hate-mongering and internecine strife. I’m sure she’ll have a long and rewarding political life. #artwiculate

RT @essence_me Internecine was a great band, with the loudest rocking mayhem on stage but they broke up after every gig and could never finish the tour

Yeah, @essence_me, they were great … if you once managed to see them!

Loved the following from @bookdreamer

RT @bookdreamer The Internecine were the militant arm of the Franciscans #artwiculate

And let’s finish with some fruit from @FrankSiddarta …

RT @FrankSiddarta The Wars of the Peach and the Nectarine were brutal – but the desserts were truly internecine

… and some more from @languagenhumor …

RT @languagenhumor British “limey” sailors replaced the earlier “peachy” ones, who were victims of internec(tar)ine violence. #artwiculate (internecine)

… and a drink in bar at Salon Artwois with @I2Haiku

RT @I2Haiku Our internecine drink of the day is a Bloody Mary. #Artwiculate


Well, folks, that was another round-up from @TheSupercargo and his DoppelJohn.

Greetings to newcomers to the round-up @poemblaze1, @MissKayenne who have both been playing the game for awhile and especial greetings to @sgwarnog who has just fallen into the ant-lion sand-pit we call Artwiculate.

That’s all from me for this time. Good night!

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