Inure – Artwiculate round up from 9 April 2010

Inure(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Good evening, dear Artwiculati! Here comes @TheSupercargo’s doppelganger with his RT Round-up for the WOTD “inure”.

As soon as I saw today’s word my heart sank. An impossible word! I certainly wasn’t alone in that reaction. The very first tweet came from our Silia.

RT @SJHatzi Inure? No way I’m getting used to using bummer words.

An understandable reaction – and a perfect combination of WOTD and definition.

It was a difficult word also because it has different meanings in different areas of idiomatic use. Not JUST:

RT @yearning4d_sky putting it simply : to inure is to desensitize : now get on with it #artwiculate

That’s the more common sense of this little used word; Artwiculate’s definition (typically) plumped for the lesser used sense.

Furthermore, using the word correctly grammatically was also a challenge – and some attempts fell short, provoking others.

RT @JonPowles Nothing will inure me to poor grammar. It’s a transitive verb, active voice guys. Usually passive, but not this time!

As ever, though, Artwiculati came through. There are some fine examples of good usage to quote. Here’s a selection that particularly appealed to me.

In the infinitve:

RT @ajeanne Trying to inure myself to using a word that is most often used in a whole different form. Besides, it just sounds pretentious.

RT @seglias She wanted to inure herself to hunger by not eating. By the time she finally got hardened she died. #artwiculate

RT @asim7asim Your solvent eyes ~ pampered my longings ~ to inure my love #artwiculate

RT @urbanascetic Life certain, death certain, living possibility / Accept, abjure, inure choose your poison #sixwords # poetry #artwiculate

I suppose that latter one could also be an imperative use. The next pair use the present simple tense:

RT @tWordBird I cannot inure myself to ‘inure’ ~ For, as WOTD, it won’t endure! #micropoetry #artwiculate

RT @Squawkingalah To have dogs one must inure oneself to dog hair. I am so inured, but c the house with new eyes when visitors come.

Then we have one example of the WOTD in its future tense form:

RT @BurningHawk1969 An indefinite chronological period will inure against an infinity of injuries: Time heals all wounds. #artwiculate

And two examples of use in conditional tenses:

RT @marcosarroyos Do you think you could inure yourself to waking up as a cockroach? Well, neither could Gregor.

RT @joeknaack A man should inure himself to voluntary labor, and not give up to indulgence and pleasure…Socrates #artwiculate

Finally, we have the “different form” that @ajeanne alluded to: either the past tense or the past participle used as an adjective.

RT @mazpowles As a teacher I cannot allow myself to become inure d to the disengagement or hostility of unhappy children. It’s my spur to do better.

RT @lagadu123 This hospital is full of children inure d to the daily dose of disrespect dished up with their treatment.

RT @bindaasviti no one should be inure d to pain, especially if it is the pain of a heart breaking slowly.

Setting grammar aside, there were even a few people who found it possible to play around imaginatively with the WOTD (not forgetting the ideas, poetry and humour in the tweets already quoted). @Wifsie managed to link back to a previous word.

RT @Wifsie Inure -d to the heat, the knight exhibited his panoply in shining ardor. #artwiculate

@baccatum gave us a play on a well-known line from an old musical.

RT @baccatum “I’ve grown accustomed to your face,” she said. “Well, inure d, really.”

And @DrMobs gave us the only really successful use of the word in an anagram. (And I AM dissing my own weak attempt here!)

RT @DrMobs Amputee in iron/An entire opium/Inure me to pain #anagrampoetry

Finally, I want to quote four tweets that elegantly (or anyway humorously) sidestepped the whole grammar problem.

RT @bwlightning Sorry, but I have to get this out: inure – close enough rhyme to manure & rearranged into urine. Now where’s that electric fence?

RT @LStephenCleary Poke a stick inure eye and it’ll hurt for a while.

RT @dmriver Typical, me beams are chewed and I forgot to pay the inure ants policy

RT @harrarp Can one also add insult to inure, or is that just a waste of good obloquy?

That’s it folks. The end of my RT round up for “inure”. As ever, not all the tweets on my shortlist made the final cut – and I found about 50 tweets to “like”, but that was my choice for today. Hope you enjoyed. There’s “about 2 hours left” so get out and vote at!

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