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As an experiment, I’ve added a slide-show of recent photos from my Ipernity site to the right-hand sidebar. The width of the box appears to vary depending on the browser one uses. In Opera the box is pushed slightly out of alignment to the right. It looks perfectly OK in IE though. Need to test it in other browsers.

[Apr 7 – Tested in Firefox and Chrome – same problem.]

[Apr 10 – “fixed” by widening the right-hand column by 10 pixels.]

I’ve also cracked the problem of padding in my Scrimshaw page which I hope  will bear fruit a little later in the week.

6 thoughts on “Iperbox added”

  1. I now know the answer to the question above. Plug-in!
    But since I don’t have an ipernity account (instead struggle with the Nextgen gallery plugin that “everyone” claims is so good), no point in installing that particular plug-in.

    • The slide effect was a surprise – a pleasant one – but I wasn’t expecting it. The plug in also has an option to show a half dozen or so static thumbnails with a lightbox effect enlargement, but I don’t like that.

      This is the only plug-in to link Ipernity and WordPress though, so it’s a bit of a case of take it or leave it.

      I’m still searching for something for the main pages.

  2. Hello John,
    glad you like iperbox. You can also use it in posts and pages, but you need another plugin (like run-php or exec-php) to allow php-code inside html. Then just add (without the space between ) in a post or page and voilá: the picture are on display.

    If you want to show pics from a group insert in the 3th field ‘GROUPNAME’. For an Album stands the 4th field. Replace the 0 with the 5 digits of the album as shown on the Ipernity page.

    The next two fields are for lightbox and slideshow, so switching 0 to 1 will turn them on. I know its all rather cryptic. If you have any questions just ask 🙂 and have fun with it

  3. Thanks for your encouragement and advice Heiste. I’m very much a beginner as far as CSS coding goes (and am not charmed by it so am unlikely to learn fast or willingly). I really don’t understand what you write above, though I’m sure you do and that if I understood it would be obvious.

    I still haven’t worked out where to put the line of code you gave me before to remove padding in the Iperbox to make it fit properly in the right-hand column. I’m working by trial and error, so I’ll find it in the end I suppose.


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