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Kvetch: To complain persistently and whiningly. A chronic, whining complainer; a nagging complaint. (From Yiddish and principally in US English).
[NB this is Part One of my round-up for the Word of the 8th May. For Part Two, go here.]

Let’s start with some kvetch (WOTD>30/Nov/09). Today for the second time in three days, Artwiculate recycled a WOTD.

Reactions varied. There was acrimony (WOTD>31-Oct-09), forbearance (WOTD>10-Sep-09), mirth (WOTD>1-Dec-09), insouciance (WOTD>23-Jan-10) and not a few good tweets. I would be a poltroon (WOTD>5-Feb-10) were I not to make use of this opportunity.

RT @Squawkingalah Persiflage is looking horribly familiar. Or did I dream it?

RT @tWordBird Uh-O: Persiflage? AGAIN??! I sense an impending imbroglio. I doubt the Artwiculati will remain taciturn. Fisticuffs may ensue!

Aide-mémoire: Persiflage (WOTD>26-Mar-10), imbroglio (WOTD>7-May-10), taciturn (WOTD>6-May-10 & 12-Apr-10), fisticuffs (WOTD>2-Dec-09)

RT @lagadu123 Hmmm, first thought on seeing ‘persiflage’ this morning: Great! A Saturday off from artwiculate. Second thought: @artwiculate is broken.

RT @TinaNguyen The artwiculate persiflage took a dark and sarcastic turn when the same WOTD appeared yet again.

RT @Ysabeluna Artwiculate s d twitter-based WOTD game dat helps clever ones seem clever & d rest of us re-use recycled word as persiflage

RT @TiddK Persiflage – the Twitter-based word game where clever people banter, with a strange feeling of déjà vu

RT @JonPowles Persiflage again? Why keep repeating all these chick words? When are we going to get a proper word, like “Carburettor”?

RT @baccatum Taciturn, then persiflage. Taciturn, then persiflage. Such mood swings. Could it be artwiculate PMS?

RT @AaronLivingston There is something about persiflage being WOTD twice that speaks for itself. #artwiculate

But at least ONE person was positive (unless Harry was being ironic):

RT @harrarp I’m so happy they are doing a rerun of Persiflage. The last time I was totally taken off guard. Now I’m prepared. Sort of.

So what do you think? Is Artwiculate broken? Suffering from PMS? Or does it just have a very limited vocabulary?

There’s a line in a Bond novel: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” En garde, Artwiculati!

[We did wonder, some of us, whether The Artwiculate Management were trying to fix the bug which makes the results page displayed for a twice-used word default to the results of the first usage. If that was the case, they failed. Today, again, the top 5 winners are displayed on the Artwiculate front page, but click on the link “Yesterday’s Winners: show top 50” and you come to the Persiflage winners page from 26th March. 🙁 ]

[NB this is Part One of my round-up for the Word of the 8th May. For Part Two, go here.] —————————————————————–
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